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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014Making biological citizens in postcolonial societies : science, gender, and national identity in South Korea and the PhilippinesFriend, John Michael
1974The military and trade unions as initiators of political stability and instability in a selected number of western African politics: The military and trade unions as vehicles for political changeRichards, Leon, 1945
1995Mining transnational corporations and developing nations : the case of gold in the 1990sRizer, James P.
1968Models of the adolescent political socialization processHarvey, Teddy Genet
2004Moving grammars of the political : beyond sovereign thought and actionWhitehall, Geoffrey Alexander Wallace
Dec-2014Multicultural settler colonialism and indigenous struggle in Hawaiʻi : the politics of astronomy on Mauna a WākeaSalazar, Joseph Anthony
Aug-2014Nation building in Timor-Leste : national identity contests and crisesHenick, Jonathan David
1991Nationalism and egalitarianism in Indonesia, 1908-1980Pabottingi, Mochtar
2008Nationalism, democracy, and the press in Japan : How Asahi and Yomiuri frame news to compete with each otherTakekawa, Shunichi
1992North-South Korean reunification policies (1988-1991), options, and modelsLee, Hun Kyung
1966Pakistan's alliance with the United States, 1954-1965: a study in loads, capabilities and responsivenessAyoob, Mohammed
2002A path toward gender equality : state feminism in JapanKobayashi, Yoshie, 1955
1971The People's Liberation Army in Communist China's political development: a contingency analysis of the military's perception and verbal symbolization during the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1969Wang, James C.F.
1995The peristatal system and the deep structure of political economyGodwin, John M.
1968Personality and political ideologyKrieger, David M.
2008The pilina of kanaka and 'aina : Place, language and community as sites of reclamation for indigenous education the Hawaiian caseNaone, C. Kanoelani
1978Policy variation in the People's Republic of China, 1955-1964 : a study of leadership bifurcationLai, Frances Fung-Wai
1977The political economy of Asian international organizations : case studies--collective goods, burden-sharing, and benefitsKim, Kook-Chin
1985The political economy of fisheries development in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and ThailandFloyd, J.M.
1976The political economy of international inequality : a test of dependency theoryWalleri, R. Dan (Robert Daniel)