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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992The developmental Fijian state and the politics of development discourseO'Sullivan, Mary M.Y. Low
1979Developmental leadership : a comparative study of two Korean villagesKim, Ho-jin
1994Discourses of cultural identity in divided BengalDhar, Subrata S.
1969Dynamic patterns of international conflictPhillips, Warren Randall
1993Ecology and reason : toward a political ecology of the community of beingHoffman, Andrew J, 1961
1995Education economicus? : issues of nation, knowledge and identity in contemporary JapanThorsten Morimoto, Marie Annette
1992Elections, electoral behavior, and political parties in Korea, 1981-1992 : a logit approach to ecological analysis and inferenceKim, Hyun-woo
1995Elision and specificity written as the body : sex, gender, race, ethnicity in feminist theoryDiPalma, Carolyn
1994Envisioning a new America : the worldviews, praxis orientations and futuristic visions of three subcultures within the American green movementKassman, Kenneth
2003Evaluating the effectiveness of the international population regime: the politics of post-Cairo policy change in South AsiaKeesbury, Jill E.
1990An evaluation of U.S. immigration policy : evidence from the role and effects of undocumented Mexican workers in the U.S. labor marketCheng, Zhiyu
1975An extended theory of the social field : with application to the behavior of nationsWilliamson, Paul Robert
2003Feminist consciousness, voice, and empowerment : Women's Studies in HawaiʻiMironesco, Monique
1969A field approach to the study of civil rights protest participation of southern Negro studentsAgbayani, Amefil, 1943
2005Financial power in the global village: financial globalization and the United StatesKwon, Eundak
Dec-2012Fostering a political society in South Korea through participation in futures studiesPark, Seong Won
2005Fourth wave terrorism and the international systemSmith, Paul J, 1965
1975The functional approach to peace in AsiaSchubert, James Neal
1996The future of work and disability : policy and scenariosBrandt, Robin L.
1995Futures fluency : explorations in leadership, vision, and creativitySchultz, Wendy Lynn