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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Alternative futures for governance in Burma : 2040Samaranayake-Robinson, Wylma C.
1985Alternatives to violence : an empirical study of nonviolent direct actionBond, Douglas G.
1978American journalism and the dismantling of democracy : a citizen's critiqueWoods, William W.
1992Another book of laughter and misunderstandings : a field guide to chuckles, smiles and guffawsCallahan, William Arthur
1969Asian conflict in systemic perspective: application of field theory (1955 and 1963)Park, Tong Whan
1970Attitudes, interaction and decisions: a computer simulation of decision-making in the Wisconsin Supreme Court 1954-1956Flango, Victor E, 1942
2003Balancing the flow in a world of information : three case studies of information flows in Japan, China and Hong KongWhite, James D.
1980The Battle of Lebanon : a study of revolutionary developmentAoudé, Ibrahim G.
2002Beyond boundaries : Japan, knowledge, and transnational networks in global atmospheric politicsSato, Atsuko
Dec-2012Bioethical considerations and property rights issues associated with the discovery of extraterrestrial biological entities--implications for political policy in the context of futures studiesKramer, William Robert
Aug-2012Black diplomacies : colonialism, race and the poetics of mediating estrangementOpondo, Samson Kevin Okoth
1970Bureaucratic thinking: A study of Block Development Officers of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in IndiaMathur, Kuldeep
1993The bust generation : a cohort analysisAanestad, Gregory
1992China seeks democracy : an inquiry into models of democracy and their role in China's futureWang, Zuo Feng
1992The Chinese in Malaysia : politics of a troubled identityYeap, Soon Beng
1994Chipping at the bedrock : reading and rescripting foundational narratives of gender, race and sexualityWuthnow, Julie
1995The coastal resources of Sarangani Bay, Philippines : property rights, competition, and dispute settlementOlive, Steven G.
Dec-2014The color of nationality : continuities and discontinuities of citizenship in HawaiʻiKauai, Willy Daniel Kaipo
1989The commercialization of biotechnology : the politicsGrossmann, Robert S.
Dec-2014Communication and controlMaus, John