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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972Development of agricultural administration in PakistanGhafoor, Abdul
1974Development patterns, leadership styles, and popular attitudes : Korea's development politics (1948-1972)You, Young-June
1977Development, equality, and political violence : cross-national analysis of the correlates and causes of domestic political violenceAhn, Chung-Si
1975Development, institutions, and instability beyond the frustration-aggression model of political instability in developing nationsShaw, Robert L.
1992The developmental Fijian state and the politics of development discourseO'Sullivan, Mary M.Y. Low
1979Developmental leadership : a comparative study of two Korean villagesKim, Ho-jin
1994Discourses of cultural identity in divided BengalDhar, Subrata S.
1969Dynamic patterns of international conflictPhillips, Warren Randall
1993Ecology and reason : toward a political ecology of the community of beingHoffman, Andrew J, 1961
1995Education economicus? : issues of nation, knowledge and identity in contemporary JapanThorsten Morimoto, Marie Annette
1992Elections, electoral behavior, and political parties in Korea, 1981-1992 : a logit approach to ecological analysis and inferenceKim, Hyun-woo
1995Elision and specificity written as the body : sex, gender, race, ethnicity in feminist theoryDiPalma, Carolyn
1994Envisioning a new America : the worldviews, praxis orientations and futuristic visions of three subcultures within the American green movementKassman, Kenneth
2003Evaluating the effectiveness of the international population regime: the politics of post-Cairo policy change in South AsiaKeesbury, Jill E.
1990An evaluation of U.S. immigration policy : evidence from the role and effects of undocumented Mexican workers in the U.S. labor marketCheng, Zhiyu
1975An extended theory of the social field : with application to the behavior of nationsWilliamson, Paul Robert
2003Feminist consciousness, voice, and empowerment : Women's Studies in HawaiʻiMironesco, Monique
1969A field approach to the study of civil rights protest participation of southern Negro studentsAgbayani, Amefil, 1943
2005Financial power in the global village: financial globalization and the United StatesKwon, Eundak
2005Fourth wave terrorism and the international systemSmith, Paul J, 1965