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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003School/community-based management: discursive politics in practiceErbes, Kristen M.
2008Silence in not always golden : investigating the silence surrounding the thought of Eric VoegelinJohnston, Patrick
1993Small change : an alternative strategy for the development of Latin AmericaGuido, Maria de los Angeles
1982Social structure and public policy : constraints on rural development in IndiaSankaran, Joyce
1996Socialism + the market : a problematic formula for management and labor reform in China's state-owned enterprisesChen, Xin
1972Some dimensions of international conflicts, 1914-1965: the prediction of outcomesHannah, Herbert C.
1990The state and industrial labor : bureaucratic-authoritarianism and corporatism in Korea's Fifth RepublicLaunius, Michael Alan
1987The state as macroeconomic manager in the United StatesPooley, Samuel G.
1992State power and public R & D in Korea : a case study of the Korea institute of science and technologyYoon, Bang-Soon
1993State, class and military rule in Bangladesh : 1972-1982Riaz, Ali
1991State, class, and industrial policy in Pakistan (1947-1988)Khattak, Saba Gul
2005The state, terrorism, and national security discourse : forging the state in a time of terror, in the face of fearCampos, Joseph H.
1975The structural balance of the international system, 1950-1965Park, Yong-Ok
1971Student activism in a comparative perspective: the study of political participation of Thai university studentsPrizzia, Rosario
1974A study of political opportunity structure : political opportunity in Hawaii, 1926-1966Day, Horace Talmage
1969Style and position issues: A field experiment employing systematically selected members of the Oahu (City and County of Honolulu) electorateStaples, John Harvey
Aug-2014Subnational public finance in China : the nature, causes, and consequences of the 1994 fiscal reformsLee, You Jeong
1993Symbolic economies and the politics of global cyberspacesPennings, Anthony J.
1995Taiwan's transition from authoritarian rule with special reference to South KoreaMay, Sai-hsin
1977Technology transfer and developmental strategies : the role of large firms in KoreaLee, Ka-Jong