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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977The political economy of Asian international organizations : case studies--collective goods, burden-sharing, and benefitsKim, Kook-Chin
1985The political economy of fisheries development in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and ThailandFloyd, J.M.
1976The political economy of international inequality : a test of dependency theoryWalleri, R. Dan (Robert Daniel)
1991Political economy of passion : tango, exoticism, and decolonizationSavigliano, Marta E.
1980The political economy of rural development : international development agencies and the Indian contextBrara, Jaswinder Singh
1994The political economy of rural reform in post-Mao ChinaQuarnstrom, Glenda Liu
1983The political economy of telecommunication transfer : transnationalizing the new Philippine information orderSussman, Gerald
1990A political economy perspective of social cost-benefit analysis : a case study of rural electrification policy in FijiLowry, Cynthia A.
1977Political phenomena of schizophrenia from Emil Kraepelin to R.D. LaingWeaver, Daniel Joseph
2007The politicization of land and the paradox of indigenous ownership : the case of FijiRokolekutu, Ponipate R.
1991The politics of life cycles : service as a rite of passage to adult citizenshipDolan, Timothy
1992The politics of memory : creating self-understandings in postwar JapanMasters, Patricia
1980The politics of public health ideology and disease causalityTesh, Sylvia N.
1971Politics, administration, and national developmentKim, Kwang-ung, 1940
1984Possible political futures of Hong KongAu, Henry Tai-Kwan
2008Postcolonial transformation in Yap : Tradition, ballot boxes and a constitutionAcord, Suzanne A.
2004Predatory politics : U.S. imperialism, settler hegemony, and the Japanese in HawaiʻiKosasa, Eiko
1993The process of nonviolent politics : lessons from the PhilippinesBlume, Francine
2004Prophets vs profits : a globalist clash of worldviews in Alaska's oil warsStandlea, David M, 1956
1989Proprietorship of knowledge : the politics of social science research in the Third WorldCrocker, Joanna