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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2012An optical storage cavity-based, Compton-backscatter X-ray source using the MKV free electron laserHadmack, Michael Robert
2008An analysis of the kaon(+)pi(+)pi(-) final state in B meson(+) decaying to J/psi meson Kaon(+)pi(+)pi(-) and B meson(+) decaying to psi meson(')Kaon(+)pi(+)pi(-)Guler, Hulya
Dec-2010Application of perturbative quantum chromodynamics to processes with heavy quarksBiswas, Sandip
Aug-2014Aspects of dark matter interactions with standard model particles via charged mediatorsFukushima, Keita
Aug-2014Beyond vanilla dark matter : new channels in the multifaceted search for dark matterYaylali, David
Dec-2014Classical coherent radiation reaction for multiple particlesHowe, Ian Martin
1990Cosmic ray muons in the deep oceanO'Connor, Daniel Joseph
May-2011Cosmic statistics on linear scalesPapai, Peter
1995Detection of Higgs bosons of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at hadron supercollidersBisset, Michael Andrew
1968The development of a gas laser system for the measurement of atomic parameters and its application to some energy levels in neonLilly, Roger Alan
1969The dynamical behaviour of the nighttime F layer at HawaiiBrown, Walter Edward
1969Enhanced black body radiation as a generating mechanism for white light solar flaresNajita, Kazutoshi
1976An experimental investigation of transition radiation in the x-ray regionKatsura, Tomotaro
Dec-2010First observation of the inclusive decay B → Xη′ with the Belle detectorNishimura, Kurtis Alan
1993Generation and STM studies of carbon nanotubes and nanoconesGe, Maohui
1972A heuristic model for multi-particle production in ???⁻p interactionsJohnson, Alfred David
Dec-2011Increased power, pulse length, and spectral purity free-electron laser for inverse-compton x-ray production and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy of thin film photovoltaicsKowalczyk, Jeremy Michael
1995Investigation of heavy quark production by gluon splitting from analysis of muons in QCD jets at the d-zero detector at Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryBalderston, John M.
2008Magnetostatics, particle trajectories and the electrodynamics in realization of hybrid undulators for high performance FELs and synchrotron radiation sourcesLobachevskiy, Edgar Y.
Dec-2003Measurement of branching fractions and CP violation in B -> ncK and observation of B± -> ppK±Fang, Fang