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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2012An optical storage cavity-based, Compton-backscatter X-ray source using the MKV free electron laserHadmack, Michael Robert
2008An analysis of the kaon(+)pi(+)pi(-) final state in B meson(+) decaying to J/psi meson Kaon(+)pi(+)pi(-) and B meson(+) decaying to psi meson(')Kaon(+)pi(+)pi(-)Guler, Hulya
Dec-2010Application of perturbative quantum chromodynamics to processes with heavy quarksBiswas, Sandip
Aug-2014Aspects of dark matter interactions with standard model particles via charged mediatorsFukushima, Keita
Aug-2014Beyond vanilla dark matter : new channels in the multifaceted search for dark matterYaylali, David
Dec-2014Classical coherent radiation reaction for multiple particlesHowe, Ian Martin
1990Cosmic ray muons in the deep oceanO'Connor, Daniel Joseph
May-2011Cosmic statistics on linear scalesPapai, Peter
1995Detection of Higgs bosons of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at hadron supercollidersBisset, Michael Andrew
1968The development of a gas laser system for the measurement of atomic parameters and its application to some energy levels in neonLilly, Roger Alan
1969The dynamical behaviour of the nighttime F layer at HawaiiBrown, Walter Edward
1969Enhanced black body radiation as a generating mechanism for white light solar flaresNajita, Kazutoshi
1976An experimental investigation of transition radiation in the x-ray regionKatsura, Tomotaro
Dec-2010First observation of the inclusive decay B → Xη′ with the Belle detectorNishimura, Kurtis Alan
1993Generation and STM studies of carbon nanotubes and nanoconesGe, Maohui
1972A heuristic model for multi-particle production in ???⁻p interactionsJohnson, Alfred David
Dec-2011Increased power, pulse length, and spectral purity free-electron laser for inverse-compton x-ray production and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy of thin film photovoltaicsKowalczyk, Jeremy Michael
May-2004The Influence Of Electron Degeneracy On The MSW Effect In The SunWrenn, Christopher
1995Investigation of heavy quark production by gluon splitting from analysis of muons in QCD jets at the d-zero detector at Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryBalderston, John M.
2007Leptonic and hadronic branching fractions for J/psi via psi(2S) --> pi⁺pi⁻ J/psiOng, Duc