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1968The development of a gas laser system for the measurement of atomic parameters and its application to some energy levels in neonLilly, Roger Alan
1969The dynamical behaviour of the nighttime F layer at HawaiiBrown, Walter Edward
1969Enhanced black body radiation as a generating mechanism for white light solar flaresNajita, Kazutoshi
1972A heuristic model for multi-particle production in ???⁻p interactionsJohnson, Alfred David
1974Photoemission studies of alkali halides in the photon energy region 10 to 23 eVSmith, Jerel Arlen
1976An experimental investigation of transition radiation in the x-ray regionKatsura, Tomotaro
1989Theoretical study of the interaction of hydrogen with metalsYu, Rici
1989Neutrino physics, the link between the Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos : a study in two parts : (1) Theoretical--A look at the Tau neutrino mass and other quantum electrodynamical effects in third family lepton interactions and (2) Experimental--Underwater astronomy in Hawaiʻi, the short prototype string of the Deep Underwater Muon and Neutrino Detector projectBabson, John Freeman
1990A search for very high energy gamma rays from Cygnus X-3Sinnis, Constantine
1990Cosmic ray muons in the deep oceanO'Connor, Daniel Joseph
1990Photoemission study of solid surfaces and interfacesHe, Zhong-Xiang
1991A study of 1/f noise in the normal state of high-Tc superconductorsMisra, Anupam Kumar
1991search for very high energy gamma ray emission from Hercules X-1Kelley, Linda Ann
1991Study of upward-going muons with the IMB detectorBecker-Szendy, Ralph A.
1992Supported metal clusters and cluster-substrate interaction studied by scanning tunneling microscopyXhie, Jie
1992Selected topics in solar and astrophysical neutrinosAcker, Andrew Norris
1992Using the Haleakala Barrel Extensive Air Shower Array to study selected U.H.E. gamma ray point sourcesHudson, Jacob V. Jr.
1993A treatise on high energy muons in the IMB detectorMcGrath, Gary G.
1993Generation and STM studies of carbon nanotubes and nanoconesGe, Maohui
1995Topics in heavy flavor decays and grand unified theoriesDatta, Alakabha