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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004One with another: an essay on relationsDalvi, Rohit, 1974
1996The ontological status of the transcendental self : a comparative study of Kant and ŚaṅkaraSewnath, Ramon R.
1981Peirce's and James's theories of truth : a critical reformulation and evaluationBybee, Michael David
1971Philosophy of painting by Shih-Tʻao : a translation and exposition of his Hua-Pʻu (Treatise on the philosophy of painting)Coleman, Earle Jerome; Shitao, 17th/18th cent
1982The political philosophy of Tung Chung-shu (179-104 B.C.) : a critical expositionVuylsteke, Richard Ralph
2002Refining discourse: language, authority and community in ancient China and GreeceDye, John Lindsay
Dec-2003Renegotiating the social contract: Hobbes to RawlsKissinger, Deborah A.
2004Self-awareness: issues in classical Indian and contermporary Western philosophyMacKenzie, Matthew D.
2008Self-cultivation, moral motivation, and moral imagination : A study of Zhu Xi's virtue ethicsLee, Chan
2004Skepticism and pluralism: ways of living a life of awareness as recommended by the ZhuangziTrowbridge, John
1995A study of early Buddhist ethics in comparison with classical Confucianist ethicsAn, Ok Sun
1967A study of motivational theory in early Buddhism with reference to the psychology of FreudDe Silva, Padmasiri, 1933
1981Survival : death and afterlife in Christianity, Buddhism, and modern scienceBecker, Carl Bradley
1990Their conceptual sphere is where the cow wanders : metaphor and model from Veda to VedāntaMyers, Michael Warren
1990Timeliness and sociopolitical order in the Lü-shih chʻun-chʻiuSellmann, James D (James Daryl)
1995Towards a contemporary theodicy : based on critical review of John Hick, David Griffin and Sri AurobindoMcDonald, Michael
Aug-2003Tradition, self-cultivation, and human becoming: a comparison between Nietzsche and ConfuciusChan, Florence
1995The unity of the virtues in Aristotle and ConfuciusLee, Sang-Im
1991Virtues and rights : reconstruction of Confucianism as a rational communitarianismLee, Seung-Hwan
Aug-2014What those repeated actions tell us : reflections toward a comparative phenomenological hermeneutics of religious ritualsFalgout, David Christopher