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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Framing emotion : Concepts, categories, and meta-scientific frameworksTakaki, Kyle R.
1974The Heideggerian perspective on nihilism : a critique of modern technology through its manifestations in literature, philosophy and social thoughtFandozzi, Phillip R.
1995Individual autonomy and the familyWalker, Steven R.
1993The integrity of technology : a critical investigation of classical and pragmatic interpretations of knowledge, science and technologyBaldine, Joanne
1996Intelligent inference and the web of belief : in defense of a post-foundationalist epistemologyPine, Ronald C.
1978The interpersonal aspect of eros in Plato's SymposiumBlakeley, Donald N.
1993Intrinsic value of speciesAvantaggio, F. Glen
1981An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Tibetan Buddhist PsychologyRosenthal, Joseph Mark
2005The junzi doth protest: toward a philosophy of remonstrance in ConfucianismSuddath, Virginia D.
Aug-2014Justice and harmony as complementary ideals : reconciling the right and the good through comparative philosophyMason, Joshua
2004The kingdom within the hut : ethical education and story-telling in the YogavāsiṣṭhaGanesathasan, Menaka
2004Learning and li : the Confucian process of humanization through ritual proprietyGeir Sigurðsson
1994Liberating intimacy : communicative virtuosity and the realized sociality of Chʻan enlightenmentHershock, Peter D.
1990Logic and aesthetics in epistemologyPayne, Mildred Rose
Dec-2014Making space for knowing : a capacious alternative to propositional knowledgeCreller, Aaron Bradley
1969Man and fidelity: a study in MarcelStewart, Donald Lee
2008Memory, reality and the value of the pastMitias, Lara M.
2002Mencius on becoming humanBehuniak, James
1966The metaphysical bases and implications of Indian social ideals in traditional India, Gandhi and AurobindoKoller, John M.; Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948; Ghose, Aurobindo, 1872-1950
1970Models and scientific realismBradie, Michael Peter