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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2013Bringing the sage back home : Confucianism as exemplar-based ethicsHarris, Thorian Rane
1983The Buddhist concept of ignorance : with special reference to DōgenWongwaisayawan, Suwanna
Aug-2003Chemical investigations of marine cyanobacteria. The search for new anticancer agents from the seaWilliams, Philip
1994The Chinese sages as communicative actorsLoo, Andrew
Dec-2010Classical Confucianism as a vision for the exemplary treatment of persons-a contribution to the East-West discourse on human rightsAkina, William Kelii
1991Cognitive values, theory choice, and pluralism : on the grounds and implications of philosophical diversityAxtell, Guy S.
1977A comparative analysis of Wittgenstein's 'Tractatus' and Śaṁkara's Advaita Vedānta with an introduction to the logic of comparative methodologyGoldenberg, Daniel S.
1969A comparative study of the main theories of justification of political authorityMahajan, Satinder Nath
1989The concept of community in Bergson's philosophy of religionSteiner, Raymond J.
2002Confucian constructivism: a reconstruction and application of the philosophy of XunziHagen, Kurtis G.
Dec-2012Confucian insights for Gianni Vattimo's secularized religiousnessPower, Richard Duane
Dec-2013Dialogical EthicsSimard, Timothy Roger
May-1992Dimensionality in Dōgen's conception of enlightenmentFujikawa, Robin H.
2002Educating for good judgmentYos, Thomas S.
1986The epistemological status of liberative knowledge (with special reference to Advaita Vedānta)Skoog, Kim
2004Ethics and alterity: moral considerability and the otherPark, Bradley Douglas
1979An examination of recent proposals in the theory of referenceMorelli, R (Ralph)
Aug-2011Exclusion, violence, and reference : a poststructuralist reading of the classical Nyāya and Buddhist pramāṇa debatesDonahue, Amy Kali
2008Framing emotion : Concepts, categories, and meta-scientific frameworksTakaki, Kyle R.
1974The Heideggerian perspective on nihilism : a critique of modern technology through its manifestations in literature, philosophy and social thoughtFandozzi, Phillip R.