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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1903Act 48 : An act to authorize and provide for the manufacture, maintenance, distribution and supply of electric light and power on the island of Oahu, Territory of HawaiiTerritory of Hawaii
30-Sep-2005Assessment of energy reserves and costs of geothermal resources in HawaiiGeothermEx, Inc.
1905Chapter 67, electric light and power, from the Revised Laws of Honolulu 1905Territory of Hawaii
1945Chapter 83, employees of public utilities, from revised laws of Hawaii 1945State of Hawaii
Oct-1989Documents relating to the public hearing about the planning director of County of Hawaii's report under condition no. 6 of special permit no. 392, tax map key 1-4-01, on November 7, 1989-
1-Jun-1989DOWALD staff analysis of proposed DBED termination options for the existing HGP-A well and power plant facilityTagomori, Manabu
12-Dec-1988Environmental review, 500 MW geothermal development : preliminary draft : technical description and environmental settingMCM Planning
Aug-1985The financing of a demonstration geothermal projectLesperance, Gerald O.
Apr-2004GeoPowering the West: Hawaii; Why Geothermal?National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a DOE National Laboratory
Feb-1990Geothermal : Part of the mix in Hawaii's energy futureEnergy Division, Department of Business and Economic Development, State of Hawaii
Oct-1986Geothermal energy development opinion in the County of HawaiiSMS Research
1-Jun-1982Geothermal power development in Hawaii : Volume I-
1988HEI, the start of a new Hawaii tradition : an electric utility's evolution from the Monarchy to the 21st centuryPratt, C Dudley
The HGP-A generator facility : Reservoir characteristics and operating history : EPRI research project 1195-12Thomas, Donald
Aug-1990The History and Significance of the Hawaii Geothermal ProjectThomas, Donald M.
1990Letters about the Hawaii geothermal development between the public and Hawaii governor John Waihee-
1989Letters from the public about the Hawaii geothermal development to Hawaii government officials-
Master Plan : Hawaii Geothermal / Cable Project : Community concerns to be reflected in geothermal planning-
1990Minutes of the Geothermal Roundtable Transmission Lines Subcommittee meetings-
Jul-1989Petition against the geothermal development in the County of Hawaii-