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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Advances in the Study of Solids Deposition in Geothermal SystemThomas, D.M.; Gudmundsson, J.S.
2-Jun-2993Analysis of Volatile-Phase Transport in Soils Using Natural Radon Gas as a TracerChen, C.; Thomas, D.M.
1994CORE-LOGS: Summary Information; Composite Lithologuc Column; LOGS for Boxes 1-354Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project; Depaolo, D.J.; Stolper, E.M.; Thomas, D.M.
13-Dec-1991Experimental Design for Soil Gas Radon MonitoringThomas, D.M.; Cotter, J.M.; Holford, D.
1989Research Directions in Solids Deposition in Geothermal SystemsThomas, D.M.; Gudmundsson, J.S.
6-Sep-6325Two-Domain Estimation of Hydraulic Properties in Macropore SoilsChen, C.; Thomas, D.M.; Green, R.E.; Wagenet, R.J