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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Tabulation of open venting at HGP-A : March 1982 - June 15, 1989 (7 1/3 years)-
Tapping In-
14-May-1990Tapping Into a Subterranean FurnaceBorg, Jim
Apr-1991Technical advisory services relating to geothermal resource assessment : a proposal to the State of Hawaii, Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, Honolulu, HawaiiGeothermEx, Inc.
1-Jul-1978Technical Papers Contributed to Geothermal Resources Council Meeting, Hilo, Hawaii, July 24-28, 1978-
26-Feb-1987Technology transfer from the Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program-
1991Temperature graphs for SOH-1 and SOH-4 from 1990 to 1991-
24-Jul-1978Temperature log : F.N.B. temperature #1, Puuwaawaa on July 24, 1978Water Resources International, Inc.
1985Temperature Profiles for Various Wells in the Kilauea East Rift ZoneHawaii Geothermal Project
1979Temperature profiles in wells on the island of HawaiiEpp, David; Halunen, A John, Jr.
Apr-1984Terrestrial biological survey, Puna Geothermal Venture studies, Puna, HawaiiChar, Winona P.; Stemmermann, Maile
1-Nov-1980Theoretical assessment of James' method for the determination of geothermal wellbore discharge characteristicsKaramarakar, M.; Cheng, P.
198Thermal Power Company Puna District, Hawaii: Lithology for Drill Hole Hawaii Geothermal Project Well AColumbia Geoscience
16-Jul-1986Thermal Power Company Site Emergency Plan-
11-Mar-1975Thermal process of the east rift of Kilauea from geophysical dataFurumoto, Augustine S.
Aug-1990Third quarter quality assurance report for True Geothermal Energy Company Monitoring Program, Kilauea Middle East Rift Zone, island of HawaiiABB Environmental; Measurement Technologies
Oct-1974A time-domain electromagnetic survey of the East Rift Zone, Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiSkokan, Catherine King
1984Title 11 Department of Health Chapter 23 Underground Injection ControlClark, Charles
2-Aug-1988Title 11: Department of Health - Chapter 23, Underground Injection Control-
1981Title 13, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Subtitle 9 Natural Area Reserves System, Chapter 208, Natural Area Reserves System Commission, rules of practice and procedureNatural Area Reserves System, Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii