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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1985A Pacific-wide geothermal research laboratory : The Puna Geothermal Research FacilityTakahashi, Patrick; Seki, Arthur; Chen, Bill H.
Aug-1993Paleomagnetic study and dating of core SOH-4 : preliminary report, August 1993Hawaii Institute of Geophysics, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Centre des Faibles Radioactivites
1990Papers regarding the geothermal technical advisory committee.-
Parcels within 3,500 feet of the PGV project in PunaDepartment of Business and Economic Development, State of Hawaii
1990The Pele Defense Club's 1990 opposition to Geothermal Development-
Aug-1976Performance matching and predicting of a geothermal reservoirSeki, Arthur S.
Oct-2012Permit request for installing a Hydrological Observation Hole in the Pohakuloa Training AreaThomas, Donald M.
4-Sep-1991Permit to Operate Injection Well KS-3-
Personal Puna Flow Chart-
1990Peter Chatto requested recordsYoung, Mason W.
Jul-1989Petition against the geothermal development in the County of Hawaii-
7-Aug-1986Petition by Diamond Shamrock Thermal Power Co., Inc. (TPC) to modify the Underground Injection Control (UIC) Line in the Lower East Rift Zone, Puna, HawaiiD'Olier, W.L.
1991PGV geothermal permit violationTagomori, Manabu
1-Jul-1977Phase III : Well testing and analysis ; progress report for the third quarter of federal FY77-
1978Phase IV : Kapoho geothermal reservoir assessmentYuen, Paul C.
1992A photographic record of the Scientific Observation Hole (SOH) programOlson, Harry J.; Deymonaz, John E.; Beck, Andrea Gill
Mar-1982Photographs of the geothermal wells in Puna, HawaiiDepartment of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
1991Photographs of the True/MidPacific Geothermal Venture's Geothermal SiteDepartment of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii
5-Jun-1992Physical characterization of magmatic liquids: Final report, August 15, 1985--February 28, 1991Manghnani, M.H.
1991Plan for Element III, an Independent Evaluation of the Geothermal Air and Noise Monitoring programs-