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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-1990Energy Efficiency and Least-Cost Planning: The Best Way to Save Money and Reduce Energy Use in Hawaii (05/21/1990)Mowris, Robert J.
1-Nov-2009Energy Independence . . . It's up to us. Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative-
1-Jul-1979Engineering and economic analysis for the utilization of geothermal fluids in a cane sugar processing plant : final reportHumme, J.T..; Tanaka, M.T..; Yokota, M.H..; Furumoto, A.S.
15-Oct-1980Engineering and economic studies for direct applications of geothermal energy in an industrial park in Pahoa, Hawaii. Quarterly technical progress report number 4-
1989Enhancing Renweable Energy Development in Hawaii: A WorkshopRezachek, David; Tatlinger, John
10-Sep-1987Environmental assessment / preparation of an environmental impact statement : Pohoiki geothermal transmission lineMurabayashi, Duk Hee
Jun-1979Environmental assessment : Hydrothermal Geothermal Subprogram-
1989Environmental Assessment and Negative Declaration : Scientific Observation Hole Program Puna District, Island of Hawaii (Draft)-
Mar-1990Environmental assessment and negative declaration : Scientific Observation Hole Program, district of Makawao, island of Maui MCM Planning
Feb-1982Environmental assessment for the Kahaualea Geothermal Project, Puna district, island of Hawaii, HawaiiR. M. Towill Corporation
Jan-1973Environmental assessment of an investigation of the hydrothermal system at Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiTilling, Robert I.
Dec-1989Environmental assessment of Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program at-sea test-
Sep-1976Environmental baseline study for geothermal development in Puna, HawaiiKamins, Robert; Chun, Michael J.; Berger, Andrew J.; Bonk, William B.; Siegel, Barbara A.; Siegel, Sanford M.; Speitel, Thomas; Lau, L. Stephen; Buddemaier, Robert W.; Kroopnick, Peter; Hufen, Theodorus
1985Environmental baseline survey -- Ulupalakua, Maui : final reportHawaiian Electric Company, Inc.
31-May-1984Environmental baseline survey -- year two : Kilauea East Rift, Puna and Kau districts, County of HawaiiHouck, James E.; Pritchett, Lyle C.
1984Environmental baseline survey : Kilauea east rift : Puna and Kaʻu Districts, county of Hawaii (year two) : December 1982 through December 1983 study periodHouck, James E.
1985Environmental baseline survey : Kilauea east rift : Puna and Kaʻu Districts, county of Hawaii (year two) : January 1, 1984 through December 31, 1984, study periodNEA, Inc.
1992Environmental Concerns and Permitting Conditions of the Hawaiian Scientific Observation Hole (SOH) ProgramOlson, Harry J.; Deymonaz, John E.
1984Environmental Impact Analysis of Potential Geothermal Resource AreasState of Hawaii. Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Water and Land Development
Oct-1984Environmental impact analysis of potential geothermal resource areas : Circular C-106-