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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1974Drilling at the Summit of Kilauea VolcanoKeller, George V.
1984Drilling history and geology of the Lanipuna no. 6 geothermal test, Lanipuna prospect, HawaiiGardner, Murray C; Klein, Christopher W
1-Jan-1978Drilling into molten rock at Kilauea IkiColp, J.L.; Okamura, R.T.
1981Drilling log of the geothermal well Lanipuna #1 from December 8, 1980, to August 13, 1981WRII
1-Mar-1990An economic analysis of the Kilauea geothermal development and inter-island cable project-
Jul-1984Economic assessment of potential geothermal resource areasEnvironment Capital Managers Inc.
Apr-1975Economic factors in the longevity of resourcesPeterson, Richard E.
Mar-1975Economic factors in the optimal depletion of resourcesPeterson, Richard E.
1984Economic Impact Analysis of Potential Geothermal Resource AreasState of Hawaii. Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Water and Land Development
Sep-1984Economic Impact Analysis of Potential Geothermal Resource Areas: Circular C-105-
1989Economic Impacts of the Nevada Geothermal Industry - 1989-
31-Jul-1973An electrical resistivity survey of the Puna and Kau districts, Hawaii County, HawaiiGroup Seven
1976Electromagnetic transient soundings on the east rift geothermal area of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii: a study of interpretational techniquesKauahikaua, James
23-Jan-1986Eleventh workshop on geothermal reservoir engineering: ProceedingsRamey, H.J. Jr.; Kruger, P.; Miller, F.G..; Horne, R.N..; Brigham, W.E..; Counsil, J.R.
1989Emergency planTrue/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
Nov-1989Emergency plan : Scientific Observation Hole (SOH) Program under Conservation District Use Permit (HA 12/20/85 - 1830) Kaimu, Puna, Hawaii TMK:1-2-10:03-
Jun-1988Energy -- Pele's gift to her HawaiiQuinn, William F.
Apr-1992Energy division energy program transition planHawaii Energy Division, State of Hawaii
11-Jan-1990Energy Efficiency and Least-Cost Planning: The Best Way To Save Money and Reduce Energy Use In Hawaii (01/11/1990)Mowris, Robert J.
21-May-1990Energy Efficiency and Least-Cost Planning: The Best Way to Save Money and Reduce Energy Use in Hawaii (05/21/1990)Mowris, Robert J.