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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Learning and li : the Confucian process of humanization through ritual proprietyGeir Sigurðsson
1994Liberating intimacy : communicative virtuosity and the realized sociality of Chʻan enlightenmentHershock, Peter D.
1990Logic and aesthetics in epistemologyPayne, Mildred Rose
Dec-2014Making space for knowing : a capacious alternative to propositional knowledgeCreller, Aaron Bradley
1969Man and fidelity: a study in MarcelStewart, Donald Lee
2008Memory, reality and the value of the pastMitias, Lara M.
2002Mencius on becoming humanBehuniak, James
1966The metaphysical bases and implications of Indian social ideals in traditional India, Gandhi and AurobindoKoller, John M.; Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948; Ghose, Aurobindo, 1872-1950
1970Models and scientific realismBradie, Michael Peter
2005The morality of reading in a digitizing worldRichardson, Brian William, 1966
1969Nausea: an expression of Sartre's existential philosophyMalhotra, Ashok Kumar
2004One with another: an essay on relationsDalvi, Rohit, 1974
1996The ontological status of the transcendental self : a comparative study of Kant and ŚaṅkaraSewnath, Ramon R.
1981Peirce's and James's theories of truth : a critical reformulation and evaluationBybee, Michael David
Aug-2012Person-in-the-world : a neo-Confucian ecological humanismBrasovan, Nicholas S.
1971Philosophy of painting by Shih-Tʻao : a translation and exposition of his Hua-Pʻu (Treatise on the philosophy of painting)Coleman, Earle Jerome; Shitao, 17th/18th cent
1982The political philosophy of Tung Chung-shu (179-104 B.C.) : a critical expositionVuylsteke, Richard Ralph
2002Refining discourse: language, authority and community in ancient China and GreeceDye, John Lindsay
Dec-2013Rehabilitating momentariness : a critical revision of the Buddhist doctrine of momentarinessHayashi, Itsuki
Dec-2003Renegotiating the social contract: Hobbes to RawlsKissinger, Deborah A.