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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989The concept of community in Bergson's philosophy of religionSteiner, Raymond J.
1990The application of the principle of equal consideration of interests to the issue of children's rightsWilliamson, Gailynn Mahoe
1990Timeliness and sociopolitical order in the Lü-shih chʻun-chʻiuSellmann, James D (James Daryl)
1990Logic and aesthetics in epistemologyPayne, Mildred Rose
1990Their conceptual sphere is where the cow wanders : metaphor and model from Veda to VedāntaMyers, Michael Warren
1991Cognitive values, theory choice, and pluralism : on the grounds and implications of philosophical diversityAxtell, Guy S.
1991Virtues and rights : reconstruction of Confucianism as a rational communitarianismLee, Seung-Hwan
May-1992Dimensionality in Dōgen's conception of enlightenmentFujikawa, Robin H.
1993Intrinsic value of speciesAvantaggio, F. Glen
1993The integrity of technology : a critical investigation of classical and pragmatic interpretations of knowledge, science and technologyBaldine, Joanne
1994The Chinese sages as communicative actorsLoo, Andrew
1994Liberating intimacy : communicative virtuosity and the realized sociality of Chʻan enlightenmentHershock, Peter D.
1995Towards a contemporary theodicy : based on critical review of John Hick, David Griffin and Sri AurobindoMcDonald, Michael
1995Written and painted thoughts : Nietzsche's aesthetic turn (attempts and tempations to postmodern thought)Freeman, Timothy J.
1995The unity of the virtues in Aristotle and ConfuciusLee, Sang-Im
1995A study of early Buddhist ethics in comparison with classical Confucianist ethicsAn, Ok Sun
1995Individual autonomy and the familyWalker, Steven R.
1996The ontological status of the transcendental self : a comparative study of Kant and ŚaṅkaraSewnath, Ramon R.
1996Intelligent inference and the web of belief : in defense of a post-foundationalist epistemologyPine, Ronald C.
2002Mencius on becoming humanBehuniak, James