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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1965Polynesian tattooing: the techniques, iconography, patronage, profession, and estheticsSparks, Robert William
1968Sites and settlement in Hane Valley, MarquesasOttino, Marimari Kellum
1974Congress of Micronesia: Population Policy in MicronesiaHigashi, Alton K.
1977Evidence for the Origins of the Chamorro People of the Mariana IslandsGraham, Robert B.
1977The Hahalis Welfare Society of Buka: A Melanesian Nativistic MovementLee, Harlan Y.M.
1977A Study of the Missionary Effort to Civilize the Hawaiian CommonerJohnson, William P.
1978Solomon Islands Development Plan 1975-1979, An Analysis and Another Development PlanRoughan, John Joseph
1979Tradition, Archaeology and Linguistices: on the migration between Hawaii, Tahiti and New ZealandMahelona, John
1980The Soul and the Afterworld in hawaiian Myth and in Other Polynesian CulturesLewis, Robert E.
1981A Program Proposal for Post-Secondary Hospitality Education in MicronesiaLinker, Thomas
1981An Approach to Central Carolinian AestheticsMartin, Lynn
1981Surviving Traditional Art of MelanesiaEdgerly, John E.
1981Politics, Cultural Continuity, and the Historic Preservation Program on PonapeDenoncour, Mark
1981The Survival of Traditional Art Forms Along the Middle Sepik River in Papua New Guinea and Their Relationship to the Culture and EnvironmentYacoe, Caroline
1982The Protect Kaho'olawe 'Ohana: Cultural Revitalization in a Contemporary Hawaiian MovementTuggle, Myra Jean F.
1982A Legendary Tradition of Kamapua'a, The Hawaiian Pig-GodDorton, Lilikala
1982The Cook Islands, the Development of an External Affairs Department in an Emerging MicrostateJonassen, Jon Michael
1982The University of Hawaii Education in the PacificHiga, Sally
1983Singing Games of Papua New Guinea and Tuvalu: A Classification and Analysis of Music and MovementLobban, William D.
1983Pereiro's Recollections of the Ponape Uprising Against the Spanish, 1890-1891Surber, Russell Jay