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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The Reinstitution of a Traditional Hawaiian Practice: A Native Perspective of Ritualistism Through the Performance of He'eholuaStone, Thomas
2004Remapping home : touring the betweenness of KwajaleinDvorak, Gregory E.
2011Rethinking Youth Bulge Theory and Threat Discourse in Melanesia: Listening In, and Connecting With Young People in Papua New GuineaKaiku, Patrick
1995Righting Civil Wrongs: The Guam Congress Walkout of 1949Hattori, Anne Perez
2011Rising Waves of Change: Sociocultural Impacts of Climate Change in the Village of Tafitoala, Samoa, In the Face of GlobalizationHirabe, Aska
1984Samoan Dance Genres and Other Related SubjectsColoma, Kit Skeoch
2011Sapon Riki Ba Kain Toromon: A Study of the I-Kiribati Community in Solomon IslandsTabe, Tammy
2008Se Tala Mai Hawai'i: Reflections on Being Samoan in Hawai'iAchica, Lucille (Sia)
1986Senis Bilong LoMiria-Tairea, Mathilda
1989Serving Samoan Youth in Honolulu: Culture, Religious Education, and Social AdjustmentStepp Jr., Theodore J.
1997Signs of Being: A Chamoru Spiritual JourneyPerez, Cecilia C.T.
1983Singing Games of Papua New Guinea and Tuvalu: A Classification and Analysis of Music and MovementLobban, William D.
1968Sites and settlement in Hane Valley, MarquesasOttino, Marimari Kellum
1978Solomon Islands Development Plan 1975-1979, An Analysis and Another Development PlanRoughan, John Joseph
1980The Soul and the Afterworld in hawaiian Myth and in Other Polynesian CulturesLewis, Robert E.
2003Stolen Identity: Defining 'Aihue From A Hawaiian PerspectiveAntonio, Susan Kapulani
1977A Study of the Missionary Effort to Civilize the Hawaiian CommonerJohnson, William P.
1981The Survival of Traditional Art Forms Along the Middle Sepik River in Papua New Guinea and Their Relationship to the Culture and EnvironmentYacoe, Caroline
1981Surviving Traditional Art of MelanesiaEdgerly, John E.
2007Swept Around the Sphere: Inside and Outside Pacific Islands StudiesYamauchi, Chikako