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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983German Colonial Policy in the Pacific Islands: Origin, Determinants and ImplementationHenning, Rodney M.
1983The Care of South Pacific ArtifactsBurns, Barbara J.
1984Ni'ihau: A Brief HistoryStepien, Edward R.
1984Samoan Dance Genres and Other Related SubjectsColoma, Kit Skeoch
1985The Effects of the Constitutional Monarchy on Development Trends in the Kingdom of Tonga: with Special Emphasis on the Reign of King Tupou IVRitterbush, S. Daecon
1985Chronology of Hilo Boarding SchoolLothian, Christina, R.N.
1986Japanese Aid to Pacific Island StatesEdo, Junko
1986The Kamehameha/Kiribati Connection - Project Panala'au in 50-Year Perspective 1935-1985Ferris, Peggy
1986An Assessment of the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone TreatyTairea, Aukino
1986Senis Bilong LoMiria-Tairea, Mathilda
1986The Women's Movement and Women's Associations in the South Pacific: An Indigenous Response to Social and Economic ChangeSeddon, Sally Bruce
1986The Origins of Indigenous Political Parties in Polynesia and MelanesiaWolf, Ira
1986The Gentleman at the Bathing Pool - The Life-Myth of Sir Arthur GordonWhitney, Scott
1987Polynesian Dance in the Hawaiian Tourist Industry in Waikiki, 1981Uchiyama, Ricalda Renee
1987The Filipino Community of Guam (1945-1975)Campbell, Bruce
1989Attitudes Towards Changing Leadership Patterns in Papua New GuineaKaima, Tua
1989Serving Samoan Youth in Honolulu: Culture, Religious Education, and Social AdjustmentStepp Jr., Theodore J.
1989Boki the Challenges of a Ruling ChiefNogelmeier, Marvin
1989Political and Economic Self-Determination in the South Pacific: The Significance of Constitutional Status in Post-Colonial Relations in the Pacific: Some Aspects of Aid, Trade, and RegionalismLow, Sau C.
1990Women in the Islands: An Annotated Bibliography of Pacific Women's Issues 1982-89Woods, Anne Catherine