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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Acoustic and visual tracking reveals distribution, song variability and social roles of humpback whales in Hawaiian watersFrankel, Adam S.
1989Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) content of marine microalgae and bacteria with applications for measuring marine microbial growth rates and productionJones, David Robert, 1954
1970The Agulhas currentDuncan, C. P (Charles Peter)
2004Aliens in paradise : a comparative assessment of introduced and native mangrove benthic community composition, food-web structure, and litter-fall productionDemopoulos, Amanda W.J.
2003Apatite dissolution kinetics and the long-germ phosphorus cycleGuidry, Michael W.
1984Application of the rate of nucleic acid synthesis to the study of microbial growth and production in seawaterWinn, Christopher David
Aug-2003Atmospherically forced mesoscale barotropic motions in the Central North PacificDomokos, Reka
1986Baroclinic instabilities of nonzonal ocean currents with application to the Kuroshio Extension CurrentYun, Jae-Yul
1995Benthic-biogeochemical responses to particle flux : the minerals and microbiota of cross seamountBertram, Miriam A (Miriam Anne)
2005Benthic-pelagic coupling on the Antarctic continental shelf: impacts of seasonal phytodetritus deposition on the benthic communityMincks, Sarah L.
1988Biogeochemical ecology of aquaculture pondsWeisburd, Richard Scott Jurick
1970Calcium carbonate budget of the Southern California Continental BorderlandSmith, S. V (Stephen V.)
1979Carbon turnover and accumulation by coral reefsKinsey, Donald William
Dec-2003Carbon-concentrating mechanisms and beta-carboxylation: their potential contribution to marine photosynthetic carbon isotope fractionationCassar, Nicolas
2008Constraining climate model simulations of aerosol size distributions over the North Pacific and North America using in-situ airborne measurementsMcNaughton, Cameron Stuart
Dec-2010Dimethylsulfide in the marine atmosphere : from the cradle to the graveYang, Mingxi
Dec-2014Dissolved iron and aluminium cycling in the Indian Ocean : from high-resolution shipboard sections to the prospect of miniaturized autonomous determinationsGrand, Maxime Marcel
Aug-2011Dynamics of photosynthetic plankton in the oligotrophic North Pacific subtropical gyreLi, Binglin
1975Ecology of Hawaiian sergestid shrimps (Pedaeidea: Sergestidae)Walters, Jack
Aug-2012Effect of seawater pH, Mg2+ and carbonic anhydrase on marine biogenic carbonates and their δ18O values : future and paleo applicationsUchikawa, Joji