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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1970The Agulhas currentDuncan, C. P (Charles Peter)
1970Heat storage and advection in the North Pacific OceanBathen, Karl Hans
1970Turbulent diffusion, advection, and water structure in the North Indian OceanBennett, Edward Bertram
1970Calcium carbonate budget of the Southern California Continental BorderlandSmith, S. V (Stephen V.)
1975Ecology of Hawaiian sergestid shrimps (Pedaeidea: Sergestidae)Walters, Jack
1976Temperature selection and growth of three Hawaiian reef fishes and their distributions in an area of heated effluentMedvick, Patricia A.
1976Population biology of Stolephorus heterolobus (Pisces: Engraulidae) in Palau, Western Caroline IslandsMuller, Robert G.
Dec-1976The role of Sagitta enflata in the southern Kaneohe Bay ecosystemSzyper, James P.
1977Some aspects of the ecology of several large, symbiont-bearing foraminifera and their contribution to warm, shallow-water biofaciesMuller, Pamela Hallock
1978Marine sedimentation and manganese nodule formation in the southwestern Pacific OceanMeylan, Maurice A.
1979Geological and geotechnical investigation of sediment redistribution on the central equatorial Pacific seafloorCraig, James D.
1979Carbon turnover and accumulation by coral reefsKinsey, Donald William
1980Low frequency temperature fluctuations in the upper 400 meters of the Central North PacificKang, Yong Quin
1980Plankton patchiness and ecosystem stabilityKimmerer, William J.
1981Phosphate metabolism of coral reef flatsAtkinson, Marlin J.
1982Isotopic trends of calcareous plankton across the Equatorial Pacific high productivity zoneShowers, William J.
1984Application of the rate of nucleic acid synthesis to the study of microbial growth and production in seawaterWinn, Christopher David
1985A numerical tidal model of Musi-Upang estuariesHadi, Safwan
1-Dec-1985The Photobiology of the Reef Coral Pocillopora damicornis and Symbiotic ZooxanthellaeJokiel, Paul L.
1986Baroclinic instabilities of nonzonal ocean currents with application to the Kuroshio Extension CurrentYun, Jae-Yul