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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Reflection of nonlinear baroclinic Rossby waves at a non- zonal boundary and the driving of secondary mean flows: y Federico Graef ZiehlGraef Ziehl, Federico
2008Relations between cloud condensation nuclei and aerosol optical properties relevant to remote sensingShinozuka, Yohei
Dec-1976The role of Sagitta enflata in the southern Kaneohe Bay ecosystemSzyper, James P.
1994Sedimentary phosphorus cycling in Tomales Bay, CaliforniaVink, Suzanna
1992Sensitivity of the Yoshida jet to the parameterization of vertical mixing. Do easterly winds imply equatorial upwelling?Schneider, Niklas
1977Some aspects of the ecology of several large, symbiont-bearing foraminifera and their contribution to warm, shallow-water biofaciesMuller, Pamela Hallock
Aug-2011Spawning dynamics and parental effects in the Hawaiian scleractinian coral montipora capitataPadilla-Gamino, Jacqueline Lilia
1994Studies on the ecology of Trichodesmium spp. (Cyanophyceae) in the Central North Pacific gyreLetelier, Ricardo M.
Aug-2012Submarine canyons : hotspots of deep-sea benthic abundance and biodiversityDe Leo, Fabio Cabrera
1976Temperature selection and growth of three Hawaiian reef fishes and their distributions in an area of heated effluentMedvick, Patricia A.
Dec-2011The biology and ecology of Hawaiian black corals (cnidaria : anthozoa: hexacorallia: antipatharia)Wagner, Daniel
Aug-2012Transformation of wave energy across the fringing reef of Ipan, GuamPequignet, Anne-Christine Nancy
2007Trophic dynamics and movements of tuna in the tropical Pacific Ocean inferred from stable isotope analysesGraham, Brittany Syra
1970Turbulent diffusion, advection, and water structure in the North Indian OceanBennett, Edward Bertram
1993Variation of the thermohaline structure in the western equatorial Pacific upper oceanShinoda, Toshiaki
2003Vertical structure of mesoscale ocean currents in the Indian Ocean: observation, numerical modeling and theoryChen, Shuiming
1994Wave-forced porewater mixing and nutrient flux in a coral reef frameworkHaberstroh, Paul R.
2008Wave-induced deep equatorial ocean circulationAscani, Francois