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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Apr-56783Temporal and spatial variations in phytoplankton productivity and related factors in the surface waters of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiiKrasnick, George J.
Dec-2013Temporal and vertical variability of ammonia oxidizing archaea in the subtropical north Pacific OceanWai, Brenner Robert Kee
Dec-2013The effects of low-frequency spiciness anomalies on the El-Niño-Southern OscillationGrissom, Louis Michael
Aug-2013The influence of a cross-reef channel on circulation over a fringing reef at Ipan, GuamClark, Susan Jeanette
Aug-2011The morphological and physiological adaptations of benthic fish species associated with the oxygen minimum zone within Monterey Bay, CaliforniaFriedman, Jason
2006The transient oasis : consequences of spatial and temporal variability in macronutrients and photosynthetic pigments on particle export in Hawaiian lee cyclonesRii, Yoshimi M.
1966Transports in the Pacific Equatorial CountercurrentKendall, Thomas Robert
May-2005Upwelling Variability At Jarvis IslandGove, Jamison M.
2006Utility of leaf wax normal alkanes for lacustrine sediment chronology and for reconstruction of holocene paleovegetative changes in Hawaiʻi : an application of robust molecular radiocarbon and stable carbon isotopic techniquesUchikawa, Joji
2007Utilization of mangrove habitat by megafauna along the southern coast of Molokai, HawaiʻiNakahara, Bryan A.
Dec-2004Viability Of Using Dgt Passive Samplers To Measure Dissolved Trace Elements In Subtropical Freshwater And Estuarine EnvironmentsTomlinson, Michael S.
Aug-2014Wind driven currents south of OahuCastillo Trujillo, Alma Carolina