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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2004Measurements Of Chemical And Optical Properties In Biomass Burning Smoke And Urban/Industrial Plumes In The NW Pacific Region: Implications For Climate ModelsKline, Jena T.
2006Measurements of cloud water and dry deposition at Kīlauea, HawaiʻiSchlappa, Karin
2006Mesoscale variability in nitrogen-fixing bacteria and rates of nitrogen fixation in the North Pacific OceanFong, Allison A.
May-2003Methane along the western Mexican marginGraham, Andrew W.
Dec-2004A Method For Determining The Growth Rate Of Alkenone-Producing Microalgae In Oceanic WatersDeschenes, Bryan R.
2008Microbial phosphonate metabolism and the aerobic production of methaneBeversdorf, Lucas J.
2005Nitrogen fixation rates and controls at station ALOHAGrabowski, Marcie N.W
Dec-2014Oblique internal tide generationJenkins, Adam Paul
May-2011Observing system simulation experiments on the Oahu Regional Ocean ModelBaltes, Rebecca Elion
2006On simple global extrapolations of topography-catalyzed mixing estimatesDecloedt, Thomas
Dec-2011Organic matter and non-refractory aerosol over the remote Southeast Pacific Ocean : oceanic and combustion sourcesShank, Lindsey Marie
May-2011Perturbation of nutrient inventories and phytoplankton community composition during storm events in a tropical coastal system : He'eia Fishpond, O'ahu, HawaiʻiYoung, Charles Williams
Dec-2003Phosphate-uptake of experimental coral and algal communities under steady versus Oscillatory FlowBos, Melissa D.
Dec-2004Photosynthetic Pigmentation And Diversity Of Symbiotic Dinoflagellates In Lobate Porites Sp. CoralsApprill, Amy M.
2007Physical factors controlling the temporal and spatial variability of freshwater plumes in Kaneohe Bay, HawaiʻiOstrander, Christopher
2007Population genetics, larval dispersal, and demographic connectivity in marine systemsWeersing, Kimberley A.
2005Processes controlling air-sea exchange of CO₂ in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiʻiFagan, Kathryn E.
May-2003Production and turnover of viruses and dissolved DNA pools at station ALOHA: potential effects on bacteria and roles in the phosphorus cycleBrum, Jennifer R.
Aug-2011Proximate biochemistry of benthic and benthopelagic chondrichthyans : analysis of metabolic poise and relative trophic position with depthCondon, Nicole Elizabeth
Dec-2010Radar sensing of ocean wave heightsHilmer, Tyson James