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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976Temperature selection and growth of three Hawaiian reef fishes and their distributions in an area of heated effluentMedvick, Patricia A.
14-Apr-56783Temporal and spatial variations in phytoplankton productivity and related factors in the surface waters of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiiKrasnick, George J.
Dec-2013Temporal and vertical variability of ammonia oxidizing archaea in the subtropical north Pacific OceanWai, Brenner Robert Kee
Aug-2013Testing the use of compound specific isotopic in trophic ecosystemstud aiensalysis of amino acidsBradley, Christina Jane
Dec-2011The biology and ecology of Hawaiian black corals (cnidaria : anthozoa: hexacorallia: antipatharia)Wagner, Daniel
Dec-2013The effects of low-frequency spiciness anomalies on the El-Niño-Southern OscillationGrissom, Louis Michael
Aug-2013The influence of a cross-reef channel on circulation over a fringing reef at Ipan, GuamClark, Susan Jeanette
Aug-2011The morphological and physiological adaptations of benthic fish species associated with the oxygen minimum zone within Monterey Bay, CaliforniaFriedman, Jason
Aug-2012Transformation of wave energy across the fringing reef of Ipan, GuamPequignet, Anne-Christine Nancy
2006The transient oasis : consequences of spatial and temporal variability in macronutrients and photosynthetic pigments on particle export in Hawaiian lee cyclonesRii, Yoshimi M.
1966Transports in the Pacific Equatorial CountercurrentKendall, Thomas Robert
2007Trophic dynamics and movements of tuna in the tropical Pacific Ocean inferred from stable isotope analysesGraham, Brittany Syra
1970Turbulent diffusion, advection, and water structure in the North Indian OceanBennett, Edward Bertram
May-2005Upwelling Variability At Jarvis IslandGove, Jamison M.
2006Utility of leaf wax normal alkanes for lacustrine sediment chronology and for reconstruction of holocene paleovegetative changes in Hawaiʻi : an application of robust molecular radiocarbon and stable carbon isotopic techniquesUchikawa, Joji
2007Utilization of mangrove habitat by megafauna along the southern coast of Molokai, HawaiʻiNakahara, Bryan A.
1993Variation of the thermohaline structure in the western equatorial Pacific upper oceanShinoda, Toshiaki
2003Vertical structure of mesoscale ocean currents in the Indian Ocean: observation, numerical modeling and theoryChen, Shuiming
Dec-2004Viability Of Using Dgt Passive Samplers To Measure Dissolved Trace Elements In Subtropical Freshwater And Estuarine EnvironmentsTomlinson, Michael S.
1994Wave-forced porewater mixing and nutrient flux in a coral reef frameworkHaberstroh, Paul R.