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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2002Sea-Salt Optical Properties Over the Remote Oceans: Their Vertical Profiles and Variations with Wind SpeedShinozuka, Yohei
1971Sedimentary paleomagnetic evidence for counter-clockwise rotation of the Fiji PlateauGilliard, Thomas Chapman
1994Sedimentary phosphorus cycling in Tomales Bay, CaliforniaVink, Suzanna
1992Sensitivity of the Yoshida jet to the parameterization of vertical mixing. Do easterly winds imply equatorial upwelling?Schneider, Niklas
2007Separation of aerosol light absorption to black carbon, brown carbon, and mineral dust : interpretatins of atmospheric measurements near BeijingYang, Mingxi
Dec-2010Short time-scale and seasonal variability of porewater constituents in a permeable nearshore sedimentFogaren, Kristen Elizabeth
1-Jun-1969Some Aspects of the Ecology of a Bivalve Mollusk in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiiHiggins, John H.
1-Dec-1969Some Aspects of the Ecology of Lingula (Brachiopoda) in Kaneohe Bay, HawaiiWorcester, William S.
1977Some aspects of the ecology of several large, symbiont-bearing foraminifera and their contribution to warm, shallow-water biofaciesMuller, Pamela Hallock
2007Spacial variability in plankton size structure and community composition along biogeochemical gradients in the Pacific OceanClemente, Tara M.
Dec-2012Spatial and trophic ecology of the bluntnose sixgill shark : environmental drivers of behavior and comparative trophic position in two distinct habitatsComfort, Christina Mae
May-2011Spatial distribution and origin of major, minor and trace elements in the ordnance reef area on the Wai'anae coast of O'ahuDumas, Didier Pierre Heiarii
May-2003The spatial distribution and size evolution of particles in Asian outflow: the significance of primary and secondary aerosols during ACE-Asia and TRACE-PMcNaughton, Cameron Stuart
Aug-2011Spawning dynamics and parental effects in the Hawaiian scleractinian coral montipora capitataPadilla-Gamino, Jacqueline Lilia
Dec-2002Statistical and Stability Analysis of Ecosystem Dynamics in Southern Kaneohe BayTanaka, Katsumasa
May-2003Structure and variability of internal tides in Mamala Bay, O'ahu, Hawai'iEich, Michelle Lori
1994Studies on the ecology of Trichodesmium spp. (Cyanophyceae) in the Central North Pacific gyreLetelier, Ricardo M.
Aug-2012Submarine canyons : hotspots of deep-sea benthic abundance and biodiversityDe Leo, Fabio Cabrera
1976Temperature selection and growth of three Hawaiian reef fishes and their distributions in an area of heated effluentMedvick, Patricia A.
14-Apr-56783Temporal and spatial variations in phytoplankton productivity and related factors in the surface waters of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiiKrasnick, George J.