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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Nitrogen fixation rates and controls at station ALOHAGrabowski, Marcie N.W
1990Normal mode decomposition of small-scale oceanic motionsLien, Ren-Chieh
1985A numerical tidal model of Musi-Upang estuariesHadi, Safwan
Dec-2014Oblique internal tide generationJenkins, Adam Paul
2006On simple global extrapolations of topography-catalyzed mixing estimatesDecloedt, Thomas
2008Organic matter cycling and nutrient dynamics in marine sedimentsHannides, Angelos K.
1981Phosphate metabolism of coral reef flatsAtkinson, Marlin J.
Dec-2003Phosphate-uptake of experimental coral and algal communities under steady versus Oscillatory FlowBos, Melissa D.
Aug-2014Phosphorus uptake kinetics and growth of marine osmotrophsGrant, Scott Ransom
1-Dec-1985The Photobiology of the Reef Coral Pocillopora damicornis and Symbiotic ZooxanthellaeJokiel, Paul L.
Dec-2004Photosynthetic Pigmentation And Diversity Of Symbiotic Dinoflagellates In Lobate Porites Sp. CoralsApprill, Amy M.
1993The physical basis of prey capture by heterotrophic marine nanoflagellatesMonger, Bruce C.
2007Physical factors controlling the temporal and spatial variability of freshwater plumes in Kaneohe Bay, HawaiʻiOstrander, Christopher
1980Plankton patchiness and ecosystem stabilityKimmerer, William J.
1976Population biology of Stolephorus heterolobus (Pisces: Engraulidae) in Palau, Western Caroline IslandsMuller, Robert G.
2007Population genetics, larval dispersal, and demographic connectivity in marine systemsWeersing, Kimberley A.
May-2014Predictability in a region of strong internal tides and dynamic mesoscale circulation : the Philippine SeaKerry, Colette Gabrielle
2005Processes controlling air-sea exchange of CO₂ in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiʻiFagan, Kathryn E.
May-2003Production and turnover of viruses and dissolved DNA pools at station ALOHA: potential effects on bacteria and roles in the phosphorus cycleBrum, Jennifer R.
Aug-2005Rare Earth Elements In The Northwest Pacific OceanShacat, Joseph A.