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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995The feasibility of a novel method of solution recovery of cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts from seamountsZaiger, Kimo K.
2007Field observations of setup over two fringing reefs : Ipan Reef, Guam and Mokuleʻia Reef, HawaiʻiVetter, Oliver J.
2004Food web structure and trophic dynamics of a subtropcal plankton community, with an emphasis on appendiculariansScheinberg, Rebecca D.
Aug-2005The Fractional Solubility Of Iron From Atmospheric AerosolsKime, Karmin
1993Geochemistry of organic particulates in shallow water continental shelf environmentsSnidvongs, Anond
1992Geochemistry of particulate and dissolved inorganic carbon in the central North PacificSabine, Christopher Lee
1979Geological and geotechnical investigation of sediment redistribution on the central equatorial Pacific seafloorCraig, James D.
Dec-2002The Growth Physiology of Pinguiococcus pyrenoidosus With an Emphasis on Fatty AcidsMesser, Andrea
1970Heat storage and advection in the North Pacific OceanBathen, Karl Hans
Dec-2012Here today, gone tomorrow : flow variability, larval dispersal and fisheries management in HawaiʻiVaz, Ana Carolina
Aug-2012Hidden thin layers of toxic diatoms in a coastal bayTimmerman, Amanda Heesoon Vinson
Dec-2010High frequency radio observations of tides and currents south of O'ahuCass, Jacob
2006High-throughput isolation of pelagic marine bacteria from the coastal subtropical Pacific OceanBrandon, Marina L.
May-2003The impact of the horizontal coriolis component on waves in the oceanGuiles, Martin D.
2008The influence of a Hawaiian seamount on a mesopelagic micronekton communityDe Forest, Lisa Gayle
Aug-2005Influence Of Ultraviolet Radiation On The Pigmentation And Growth Of The Red Alga, Gracilaria SalicorniaKelly, Kevin E.
2008Inherent optical property variability of a reef environmentSusner, M. Grant
1-Jun-1969Interactions Between Sea Water and Coral Reefs in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiiKlim, Donald G.
1992Interactions of ocean currents and diel migrators at a seamount in the central North Pacific OceanWilson, Christopher Dana
2003Internal tide scattering at midocean topographyJohnston, Thomas Michael Shaun