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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Bottom shear stress, wave height and wave set-up under wave transformationNakazaki, Eiji
2004Cylindrical liquid-liquid jet instabilityTang, Liujuan
1993Design and performance evaluation of a wave-driven artificial upwelling deviceChen, Xiaohua
1991Development of a solar pond system design computer modelRezachek, David A.
Aug-2003Effect of particle shape on grain size, hydraulic, and transport characteristics of calcareous sandSmith, David A.
1990Estimating ocean wave directional spectra from measurements of water particle motion by a surface buoy acoustic ranging systemBenevides, Francis Leo
1995Evaluation of flexible hull types for very large floating structuresWang, Suqin
May-1988Gas exchange in seawater with special emphasis on open-cycle ocean thermal energy conversionZapka, Manfred Jürgen
1993Nearshore circulation and sediment transportWang, Nengjia
1992Nonlinear forces and response of floating platforms in regular and random wavesChitrapu, Srinivasamurthy
1995Sea level rise and coastal erosion in the Hawaiian IslandsJeon, Dongchull
1995System design of a high data rate oceanographic telemetry buoyClark, Andrew Malcolm
1993Techniques for hydroelastic analysis of very large floating structuresChe, Xiling
1993Thermodynamic analysis of an OC-OTEC system in the direct- contact condenser configuration incorporating predeaeration and reinjectionOney, Stephen Keith
1990Tsunami runup in coastal regionsYücel, Feyza Ayse
1989Wave overtopping and partial standing wavesUmeyama, Motohiko