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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Adoption of agroforestry systems by farmers in Masaka district of UgandaSebukyu, Vincent B.; Mosango, Mbokuyo
2011Ancient Kaua`i Mapping Project : Using GIS to locate and map ancient Hawaiian agricultural landscapes on Kaua`iBurton, Erik
2011Assessing the contribution of local and traded biodiversity in community health care : A case study from Keelakodankulam village, South IndiaMary, D Ahino; Franco, F Merlin; Babu, Vivek
2011Bamboo trade and future prospects in the Central Himalaya : A case study of the traditional artisans of Uttarakhand, IndiaSundriyal, Manju; Sundriyal R.C.
2012Comparative analysis of indigenous knowledge on use and management of wild edible plants : The case of central East Shewa of EthiopiaFeyssa, Debela Hunde
2012A comparative study of the socio-ecological concomitants of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) diversity, local knowledge and management in Eastern IndonesiaEllen, Roy Frank; Soselisa, Hermien L.
2012Consequences of the loss of traditional knowledge : The risk of injurious and toxic plants growing in kindergartensCuadra, Vanesa Pérez; Cambi, Viviana Nora; Rueda, María de los Ángeles; Calfuán, Melina Lorena
2011Ethnobotanical studies in the genus Sansevieria Thunb. (Asparagaceae) in ZimbabweTakawira-Nyenya, Ratidzayi; Stedje, Brita
2012The Ethnobotanical Study of an Edible Freshwater Red Alga, Lemanea fluviatilis (L.) C.Ag. from Manipur, IndiaBhosale, Rahul A.; Rout, Jayashree; Chaugule, Bhupal Baburao
2012An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in Asgede Tsimbila district, Northwestern Tigray, Northern EthiopiaZenebe, Girmay; Zerihun, Mohammed; Solomon, Zewdie
2012Ethnobotany of Dacryodes edulis (G. Don) H.J. Lam in Southern Nigeria 1 : Practices and applications among the Yoruba-speaking peopleOmonhinmin, Conrad Asotie
2011Ethnobotany of Juniperus excelsa M. Bieb. (Cupressaceae) in IranPirani, Atefeh; Moazzeni, Hamid; Mirinejad, Shahab; Naghibi, Farzaneh; Mosaddegh, Mahmoud
2012Ethnobotany of Pentadesma butyracea in Benin : A quantitative approachAvocèvou-Ayisso, Carolle; Avohou, T.H.; Omorou, M.; Dessou, G.; Sinsin, B.
2012Ethnobotany of some selected tree species in Southwest CameroonEgbe, Andrew Enow; Tabot, Pascal Tabi; Fonge, Beatrice Ambo
2011Ethnomedicinal plants of India with special reference to an Indo-Burma hotspot region : An overviewRai, Prabhat Kumar; Lalramnghinglova, H.
2012Ethnomedicinal uses of Sthalavrikshas (temple trees) in Tamil Nadu, southern IndiaGunasekaran, Mariappan; Balasubramanian, P.
2011Etnoecología de las especies vegetales de los bosques estacionalmente secos del Estado MéridaAranguren, Anairamiz; Márquez, Nelson Jhonny
2012Garden plants in Zimbabwe : Their ethnomedicinal uses and reported toxicityMaroyi, Alfred
2012Ginkgo, apricot, and almond : Change of Chinese words and meanings from the kernel’s perspectiveKirschner, Roland; Hsieh, Shelley Ching-yu
2012Identification and use of plant material for the manufacture of New Zealand indigenous woven objectsMcCallum, Rua Elizabeth; Carr, Debra Julie