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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Water Spinach (Ipomoea aquatica, Convolvulaceae): A Food Gone WildAustin, Daniel F.
2011Watermelons in the Sand of Sahara: Cultivation and use of indigenous landraces in the Tombouctou Region of MaliJensen, Brita Dahl; Touré, Fatoumata Maïga; Ag Hamattal, Mohamed; Touré, Fatimata Aya; Nantoumé, Aminata Dolo
2005Weaves the BasketStevens, Michelle L.
2004Weaving Our Stories Worldwide: An Indigenous Approach to Global Economics and EcologyTaiepa, Todd
2006When Inter-ethnic Botanical Borrowing Does Not Rely on Obvious Efficacy: Some Questions from Western AmazoniaLenaerts, Marc
2009Why Bananas Matter: An introduction to the history of banana domesticationDe Langhe, Edmond; Vrydaghs, Luc; de Maret, Pierre; Perrier, Xavier; Denham, Tim
2003Why Launch a New Journal?McClatchey, Will; Thomas, Michael B.
2008Wild Edible Fruit Species Cultural Domain, Informant Species Competence and Preference in Three Districts of Amhara Region, EthiopiaMengistu, Fentahun; Hager, Herbert
2014Wine, Beer, Snuff, Medicine, and Loss of Diversity - Ethnobotanical travels in the Georgian CaucasusBussmann, Rainer W.; Zambrana, Narel Y Paniagua; Sikharulidze, Shalva; Kikvidze, Zaal; Kikodze, David; Jinjikhadze, Tamar; Shanshiashvili, Tamaz; Chelidze, Dato; Batsatsashvili, Ketevan; Bakanidze, Niki
2005Working Together to Take Care of the Land: Building Bridges with Traditional Knowledge in the Gwich’in Settlement AreaSmith, Wynet
2005Zavamaniry Famantaran-Javatra Ao Amin’Ny FKT Morarano-MahavelonaRakotonandrasana, Stéphan Richard
2012Zhombwe (Neorautanenia brachypus (Harms) C.A.Sm.) – A recent discovery for mitigating effects of drought on livestock in semi-arid areas of Southern AfricaMurungweni, Chrispen; Andersson, J.A.; van Wijk, M.T.; Gwitira, I.; Giller, K.E.