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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Te Hoe Nuku Roa: A Journey Towards Maori Centered ResearchForster, Margaret
2011To Strengthen the Teeth and Harden the Gums - Teeth blackening as medical practice in Asia, Micronesia and MelanesiaZumbroich, Thomas J.
2003Tobacco BasketStevens, Michelle L.
2009Tracing Domestication and Cultivation of Bananas from Phytoliths: An update from Papua New GuineaLentfer, Carol J.
2005Traditional Healing in the Contemporary Life of the Antanosy People of MadagascarLyon, Linda M.; Hardesty, Linda H.
2012Traditional knowledge of processing and use of the Himalayan giant nettle (Girardinia diversifolia [Link] Friis) among the Gurungs of Sikles, NepalGurung, Anup; Flanigan, Hailey; Ghimeray, Amal Kumar; Bista, Rajesh; Gunrung, Om Prakash
2011Traditional Knowledge, Use Practices and Conservation of Medicinal Plants for HIV/AIDS Care in Rural TanzaniaKisangau, Daniel P.; Herrmann, Thora Martina; Lyaruu, Herbert V.M.; Hosea, Ken M.; Joseph, Cosam C.; Mbwambo, Zakaria H.; Masimba, Pax J.
2012Traditional medicinal plants in two urban areas in Kenya (Thika and Nairobi) : Diversity of traded species and conservation concernsNjoroge, Grace
2006Traditional Thai Medicines Inhibit Helicobacter pylori in vitro and in vivo: Support for Ethnomedical UseMahady, Gail B.; Bhamarapravati, Sutatip; Adeniyi, Bolanle A.; Doyle, Brian; Locklear, Tracie; Slover, Christine; Pendland, Susan L.
2010Traditional Use of Medicinal Plants in Bangladesh to Treat Urinary Tract Infections and Sexually Transmitted DiseasesHossan, Shahadat; Hanif, Abu; Agarwala, Bipasha; Sarwar, Shahnawaz; Karim, Masud; Taufiq-Ur-Rahman, M.; Jahan, Rownak; Rahmatullah, Mohammed
2012The transplanted Peruvian culture in Rome : An assessment through imagesMatos-Soto, Yarissa K.; Savo, Valentina
2014Tribal Relation to Spatio-Temporal Variation of Wild Mushrooms in Eastern Lateritic Part of IndiaManna, Sumit; Ray, Debal; Roy, Anirban
2007Two EthnobotanistsMcClatchey, Will
2012Uras : Medicinal and ritual plants of Serampas, Jambi IndonesiaHariyadi, Bambang; Ticktin, Tamara
2014Urban Demand for Wild Foods in Northeast Thailand: A survey of edible wild species sold in the Khon Kaen municipal marketShirai, Yuko; Rambo, A. Terry
2006Ure (Colocasia esculenta-Araceae): An Edible Aroid of the WaraoGomez-Beloz, Alfredo; Rivero, Tirzo
2005The Use of Hemiepiphytes as Craft Fibres by Indigenous Communities in the Colombian AmazonVargas, María Paula Balcázar; van Andel, Tinde
2010Uses and Commercial Prospects for the Wine Palm, Attalea butyracea, in ColombiaBernal, Rodrigo; Galeano, Gloria; García, Néstor; Olivares, Ingrid Lorena; Cocomá, Carolina
2009Uses of Local Plant Species by Agropastoralists in South-western NigerAyantunde, Augustine Abioye; Hiernaux, Pierre; Briejer, Mirjam; Udo, Henk; Tabo, Ramadijta
2011Vaavubhali, a Traditional Festival for Remembering AncestorsFranco, F Merlin; Robin, D T Rose