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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Observations on Natural Resource Use and Conservation by the Shuar in Ecuador’s Cordillera del CóndorDuchelle, Amy E.
2005Observing Subtleties: Traditional Knowledge and Optimal Water Management of Lake St. MartinTraverse, Myrle; Baydack, Richard
2012Olonā (Touchardia latifolia Gaud.) : Cultivating the wild populations for sustainable use and revitalization of cultural Hawaiian practicesWichman, Juliana Mikioi
2008On SecrecyMoerman, Daniel
2010On-farm Diversity and Characterization of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Landraces in the Highlands of West Shewa, EthiopiaEticha, Firdissa; Sinebo, Woldeyesus; Grausgruber, Heinrich
2005Ownership and Sustainability Issues of Botanical MedicinesShingu, Gamaniel K.
2004Past International Year of the Indigenous People? Into a new millenniumRao, Ramana
2010Plant Species with Spontaneous Reproduction in Homegardens in Eastern Tyrol (Austria): Perception and management by women farmersVogl-Lukasser, Brigette; Vogl, Christian R.; Gütler, Marianne; Heckler, Serena
2013Plumerias the Color of Roseate Spoonbills' - Continuity and transition in the symbolism of Plumeria L. in MesoamericaZumbroich, Thomas Josef
2012The point of spinifex : Aboriginal uses of spinifex grasses in AustraliaPitman, Heidi T.; Wallis, Lynley A.
2007The Political Ecology of a “Forest Transition”: Eucalyptus Forestry in the Southern Peruvian AndesLuzar, Jeffrey
2007Potential for Agroforestry Adoption in Southern Africa: A Comparative Study of Improved Fallow and Green Manure Adoption in Malawi, Zambia and ZimbabweThangata, P.H.; Mudhara, M.; Grier, C.; Hildebrand, P.E.
2014Potential for Value Chain Improvement and Commercialization of Cape Gooseberry (Physalis peruviana L.) for Livelihood Improvement in UgandaBarirega, Akankwasah
2005Potential Importance of Sociological Tourism for Madagascar’s Protected Areas and Those Who Live Around ThemBirkinshaw, Chris
2013Potentials for Promoting Oil Products Identified from Traditional Knowledge of Native Trees in Burkina FasoOuédraogo, Amadé; Lykke, Anne Mette; Lankoandé, Benjamin; Korbéogo, Gabin
2014The Practice and Importance of Chestnut Cultivation in Azerbaijan in the Face of Blight, Cryphonectria parasitica (Murrill) BarrWall, Jeffrey; Aghayeva, Dilzara
2003A Practitioners Perspectives: Traditional Tannin-Treatment Against Intestinal Parasites in Sheep and CattleAas, Eilif
2014Prehistoric Plant Use at Beaver Creek Rock Shelter, Southwestern Montana, U.S.A.Dexter, Darla; Martin, Kathleen; Travis, Lauri
2009Primroses versus Spruces: Cultural differences between flora depicted in British and Polish children’s booksLuczaj, Lukasz
2006Prioritization and Conservation of Himalayan Medicinal Plants: Angelica glauca Edgew. as a Case StudyBisht, Anil Kumar; Bhatt, Arvind; Rawal, R.S.; Dhar, Uppeandra