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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Feb-2015Data from: Moderate land use changes plant functional composition without loss of functional diversity in India's Western Ghats. Ecological Applications., Lisa; Ticktin, Tamara
17-Apr-2015Data from: Resilience of palm populations to disturbance is determined by interactive effects of fire, herbivory and harvest. Journal of EcologyTicktin, Tamara; Mandle, Lisa; Zuidema, Pieter
2009Differentiating the Volcaniform Phytoliths of Bananas: Musa acuminataVrydaghs, L.; Ball, T.; Volkaert, H.; van den Houwe, I.; Manwaring, J.; De Langhe, E.
2006Diversity and Cultural Use of Enset (Enset ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman) in Bonga in situ Conservation Site, EthiopiaTsehaye, Yemane; Kebebew, Fassil
2013Diversity of Useful Plants in the Coffee Forests of EthiopiaSenbeta, Feyera; Gole, Tadesse Woldemariam; Denich, Manfred; Kellbessa, Ensermu
2010Do They Really “Know Nothing”? An inquiry into ethnobotanical knowledge of students in Arizona, USAO’Brien, Colleen M.
2014Dormancy and Revitalization: The fate of ethnobotanical knowledge of camel forage among Sahrawi nomads and refugees of Western SaharaVolpato, Gabriele; Puri, Rajindra
2009Early Bananas in Africa: The state of the artNeumann, Katharina; Hildebrand, Elisabeth
2005Ecological and Anthropological Threats to Ethno-Medicinal Plant Resources and their Utilization in Maasai Communal Ranches in the Amboseli Region of KenyaKiringe, John Warui
2014Ecological Apparency Hypothesis and Availability of Useful Plants: Testing different seu valuesRibeiro, João Everthon Silva; Carvalho, Thamires Kelly Nunes; Alves, Carlos Antonio Belarmino; Ribeiro, João Paulo Oliveira; Guerra, Natan Medeiros; Pedrosa, Kamila Marques; Silva, Núbia; Sousa Júnior, Severino Pereira; Nunes, Alissandra Trajano; Souto, Jacob Silva; Lima, José Ribamar Farias; Oliveria, Rodrigo Silva; Lucena, Reinaldo Farias Paiva
2013Economic Botany of an Endemic Palm Species (Butia catariensis Noblick & Lorenzi) in Southern BrazilKumagai, Leonardo; Hanazaki, Natalia
2013Economic Contribution of Gum and Resin Resources to Household Livelihoods in Selected Regions and the National Economy of EthiopiaMekonnen, Zenebe; Worku, Adefires; Yohannes, Temsgen; Bahru, Tinsae; Mebratu, Trehas; Teketay, Demel
2004Editorial: Give and TakeBridges, K.W.
2011Education: Reproducing Cultural ArtifactsChock, Al Kealiʻi; Kamelamela, Katie L.
2008Effects of Simulated Preparations of Plants used in Nigerian Traditional Medicine on Candida spp. Associated with Vaginal CandidiasisOgunshe, Adenike A.O.; Lawal, Oladipupo A.; Iheakanwa, Chinedum I.
2003Emerging Synergies Between Information Technology and Applied Ethnobotanical ResearchThomas, Michael B.
2005The Enigmatic Evanescence of Coca from EcuadorHirschkind, Lynn
2008ePublishing 2.0Bridges, K.W.
2014Ethnic Preparation of Haria, a Rice-Based Fermented Beverage, in the Province of Lateritic West Bengal, IndiaGhosh, Kuntal; Maity, Chiranjit; Adak, Atanu; Halder, Suman Kumar; Jana, Arijit; Das, Arpan; Parua, Saswati; Das Mohapatra, Pradeep Kumar; Pati, Bikash Ranjan; Mondal, Keshab Chandra
2011Ethnobotanical and Economic Observations of Some Plant Resources from the Northern Parts of PakistanSher, Hazrat; Elyemeni, Mohammad; Hussain, Kamran; Sher, Hassan