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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Comparative analysis of indigenous knowledge on use and management of wild edible plants : The case of central East Shewa of EthiopiaFeyssa, Debela Hunde
2010A Comparative Analysis of Medicinal Plants Used by Folk Medicinal Healers in Three Districts of Bangladesh and Inquiry as to Mode of Selection of Medicinal PlantsHaque Mollik, Ariful; Hossan, Shahdat; Kumar Paul, Alok; Taufiq-Ur-Rahman, M.; Jahan, Rownak; Rahmatullah, Mohammed
2012A comparative study of the socio-ecological concomitants of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) diversity, local knowledge and management in Eastern IndonesiaEllen, Roy Frank; Soselisa, Hermien L.
2014Comparison of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites in Experimental and Natural Populations of Wild Tomatillos, Physalis longifolia Nutt.Kindscher, Kelly; Cao, Cong-Mei; Gallagher, Robert; Zhang, Huaping; Long, Quinn; Service, Lauren; Timmermann, Barbara
2012Consequences of the loss of traditional knowledge : The risk of injurious and toxic plants growing in kindergartensCuadra, Vanesa Pérez; Cambi, Viviana Nora; Rueda, María de los Ángeles; Calfuán, Melina Lorena
2005Conservación de la Diversidad Biológica y Cultural en el Piedemonte Amazónico Colombiano: La Herencia del Dr. SchultesRamírez, Germán Zuluaga
2005Conservation of the Biological and Cultural Diversity of the Colombian Amazon Piedmont: Dr. Schultes’ LegacyRamírez, Germán Zuluaga
2006Conservation Status of Maianthemum Species in the Hengduan Mountains: A Case Study Analyzing the Impact of New Policies on Wild Collected Plant SpeciesYing, Meng; Yongping, Yang; Weckerle, Caroline S.
2011The Contribution of Forest Products to Dryland Household Economy: The case of Kiang’ombe hill forest, KenyaNgugi, Grace; Newton, Leonard E.; Muasya, Muthama
2013Contributions of Clarence Y.C. Wong and Current Updates on the Flora of Romonum Island, Chuuk Lagoon, Federated States of MicronesiaManner, Harley Ichiro
2010Cooling the Heat - Traditional remedies for malaria and fever in Northern PeruBussmann, Rainer W.; Glenn, Ashley
2014Correlates of Product Quality of Soumbala, a West African Non-timber Forest ProductKronborg, Mette; Ilboudo, Jean-Baptiste; Bassolé, Imael Henri Nestor; Barfod, Anders Sanchez; Ravn, Helle Weber; Lykke, Anne Mette
2007Could Captain John Smith’s Mattoume Have Been Wild Rice?LaRoche, Germain
2004Crops and Cultures in the Pacific: New Data and New Techniques for the Investigation of Old QuestionsPickersgill, Barbara
2005Cultivated Plant Collections from Market PlacesNguyen, My Lien Thi
2005Current Status of Medicinal Plants used by Traditional Vaidyas in Uttaranchal State of IndiaKala, Chandra Prakash
22-Feb-2015Data from: Moderate land use changes plant functional composition without loss of functional diversity in India's Western Ghats. Ecological Applications., Lisa; Ticktin, Tamara
17-Apr-2015Data from: Resilience of palm populations to disturbance is determined by interactive effects of fire, herbivory and harvest. Journal of EcologyTicktin, Tamara; Mandle, Lisa; Zuidema, Pieter
2009Differentiating the Volcaniform Phytoliths of Bananas: Musa acuminataVrydaghs, L.; Ball, T.; Volkaert, H.; van den Houwe, I.; Manwaring, J.; De Langhe, E.
2006Diversity and Cultural Use of Enset (Enset ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman) in Bonga in situ Conservation Site, EthiopiaTsehaye, Yemane; Kebebew, Fassil