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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Purposive Sampling as a Tool for Informant SelectionTongco, Maria Dolores C.
2012Quantifying the Mulligan River Pituri Trade of Central AustraliaSilcock, Jenny Lesley; Tischler, Max; Smith, Mike
2008A Quantitative Assessment of Indigenous Plant Uses Among Two Chepang Communities in the Central Mid-hills of NepalRijal, Arun
2009Quantitative Ethnobotany or Quantification in Ethnobotany?de Albuquerque, Ulysses Paulino
2006Questionnaires Do Not Work! A Comparison of Methods Used to Evaluate the Structure of Buildings and Wood Used in Rural Households, South AfricaGaugris, J.Y.; van Rooyen, M.W.
2008Relationship between Four Tribal Communities and their Natural Resources in the Koraput RegionFranco, F Merlin; Narasimhan, D.; Stanley, William
2009Relevance of Banana Seeds in ArchaeologyDe Langhe, Edmond
2004A Review of Recent Molecular Genetics Evidence for Sugarcane Evolution and DomesticationGrivet, Laurent; Daniels, C.; Glaszmann, J.C.; D'Hont, A.
2008Revised List of Hawaiian Names of Plants Native and Introduced with Brief Descriptions and Notes as to Occurrence and Medicinal or Other ValuesRock, Joseph F.
2005The Revival of Traditional Practices as a Response to Outsiders’ Demands: The Resurgence of Natural Dye Use in San Juan La Laguna, GuatemalaModesto, Heloísa Speranza
2006Rite of PassageMaroney, Gabriel Quinn
2013The Role of Wild and Semi-wild Edible Plants to Household Food Sovereignty in Hamar and Konso Communities, South EthiopiaAddis, Getachew; Asfaw, Zemede; Woldu, Zerihun
2012Sambucus—Intercultural exchange and evolutionAustin, Daniel Frank
2009“Segues” in Botanica: una documentazione fotograficaSavo,Valentina; Lau, Y. Han; McClatchey, Will C.; Reedy, David; Chock, Al Kealii; Bridges, K.W.; Ritchey, Zak
2014Sendera-clandi (Xenostegia tridentata, Convolvulaceae): A medicinal creeperAustin, Daniel Frank
2006The Skill Acquisition Process Relative to Ethnobotanical MethodsLau, Y. Han; Bridges, K.W.
2009Special Issue: History of Banana DomesticationDenham, Tim; De Langhe, Edmond; Vrydaghs, Luc
2011Staple food choices in Samoa : Do changing dietary trends reflect local food preferences?Jones, Andrew Maxwell Phineas; Dempewolf, Hannes; Armstrong, Rebecca; Gallucci, Kathy; Tavana, Namulau’ulu Gaugau
2008“Starvation Taught Me Art”: Tree Poaching, Gender and Cultural Shifts in Wood Curio Carving in ZimbabweFadiman, Maria
2005A Stem-based Ethnobotanical Quantification of Potential Rain Forest Use by Mirañas in NW AmazoniaSánchez, M.; Duivenvoorden, J.F.; Duque, A.; Miraña, P.; Cavelier, J.