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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Medicinal Plant Use in Reproductive Health DisordersRamihantaniariyo, Herlyne; Ramambazafy, Richard F.; Quansah, Nat
2013Medicinal Plants Used Against Typhoid Fever in Bamboutos Division, Western CameroonTsobou, Roger; Mapongmetsem, Pierre-Marie; Van Damme, Patrick
2013The Mexican Non-toxic Jatropha curcas L., Food Resource or Biofuel?Valdes-Rodriguez, Ofelia Andrea; Sanchez-Sanchez, Odilon; Perez-Vazquez, Arturo; Caplan, Joshua
2011“Modern Linnaeus”: A class exercise on plant nomenclature and taxonomy in comparison with a previous experimentSavo, V.; Bisceglie, S.; Caneva, G.; Kumbaric, A.; McClatchey, W.C.; Reedy, D.
2005A Multivariate Model of Biocultural Conservation of Medicinal, Aromatic and Cosmetic (MAC) Plants in IndonesiaSlikkerveer, L. Jan
2006Naming Consistency for Forest Plants in Some Rural Communities of Northeast ThailandWester, Lyndon; Yongvanit, Sekson
2004The Neglected Key to Successful Biodiversity Conservation and Appropriate Development: Local Traditional KnowledgeQuansah, Nat
2005Nigerian Usage of Bark in PhytomedicineFasola, Taiye R.; Egunyomi, A.
2010The North American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea Willd.); Sacred food of the Osage PeopleSwan, Daniel C.
2005The Not-So Rosy Periwinkle: Political Dimensions of Medicinal Plant ResearchHarper, Janice
2005Notes on Aquarium Plant Production in Peruvian AmazoniaLehtonen, Samuli; Arévalo, Luis Angel Rodríguez
2005Ny Karazana Aretina Mpahazo Ny Olon-Dehibe Sy Ny Tanora Ao Amin’Ny Tananan’Ny Sahamamy Kaominina Mahavelona Toamasina IIRabarison, Harison; Ramanitrahasimbola, David
2005Ny Tao-Trano Sy Fiatraikany Eo Amin’Ny Alan’ AnalalavaRakotomalaza, Pierre Jules (Coca); Henry, John; Robin; Sabotsilahy, Bruno; Jean Claude
2005Ny Varo-Mandeha Amin’Ny Faritra Manodidina Ny Alan’AnalalavaRaharimalala, Fidéle
2007Observations on Natural Resource Use and Conservation by the Shuar in Ecuador’s Cordillera del CóndorDuchelle, Amy E.
2005Observing Subtleties: Traditional Knowledge and Optimal Water Management of Lake St. MartinTraverse, Myrle; Baydack, Richard
2012Olonā (Touchardia latifolia Gaud.) : Cultivating the wild populations for sustainable use and revitalization of cultural Hawaiian practicesWichman, Juliana Mikioi
2008On SecrecyMoerman, Daniel
2010On-farm Diversity and Characterization of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Landraces in the Highlands of West Shewa, EthiopiaEticha, Firdissa; Sinebo, Woldeyesus; Grausgruber, Heinrich
2005Ownership and Sustainability Issues of Botanical MedicinesShingu, Gamaniel K.