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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Knowledge and Consumption of Wild Plants: A Comparative Study in Two Tsimane’ Villages in the Bolivian AmazonReyes-García, Victoria; Vadez, Vincent; Huanca, Tomás; Leonard, William; Wilkie, David
2005Knowledge Transmission among Preservation Practitioners in DubaiAbdalla, Adil M.
2011Linking Past and Present: A preliminary paleoethnobotanical study of Maya nutritional and medicinal plant use and sustainable cultivation in the Southern Maya Mountains, BelizeAbramiuk, Marc A.; Dunham, Peter S.; Cummings, Linda Scott; Yost, Chad; Pesek, Todd J.
2012Linking remote sensing, census and interview data to understand forest transitions in the Southern Cone of the State of Yucatán, MéxicoHopkins, Allison; Gibbes, Cerian; Díaz, Armando Inurreta; Rojas, Rafael
2014Livelihood and Revenue: Role of rattans among Mongoloid tribes and settlers of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, IndiaSenthilkumar, U.; Ritesh, K.C.; Sanjappa, M.; Narasimhan, D.; Uma Shaanker, R.; Ravikanth, G.
2013Local Knowledge of Plants and Their Uses Among Women in the Bale Mountains, EthiopiaLuizza, Matthew Wayne; Young, Heather; Kuroiwa, Christina; Evangelista, Paul; Worede, Aserat; Bussmann, Rainer; Weimer, Amber
2008Local Uses of Native Plants in an Area of Caatinga Vegetation (Pernambuco, NE Brazil)de Lucena, Reinaldo Farias Paiva; do Nascimento, Viviany Teixeira; de Lima Araujo, Elcida; de Albuquerque, Ulysses Paulino
2005The Madagascar International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (ICBG): Using Natural Products Research to Build Science CapacityMiller, James S.; Birkinshaw, Christopher; Callmander, Martin
2013Management of Astrocaryum standleyanum (Arecaceae) for Handicraft Production in ColombiaGarcia, Nestor; Galeano, Gloria; Bernal, Rodrigo; Balslev, Henrik
2011Mango trees as cultural indicators in the Limahuli Valley, KauaiStangeland, Torunn
2008Market Survey Research: A model for ethnobotanical educationNguyen, My Lien Thi; Doherty, Katherine T.; Wieting, Julia
2005Medicinal Bioprospecting and Ethnobotany ResearchMcClatchey, Will
2003Medicinal Plant Use in Reproductive Health DisordersRamihantaniariyo, Herlyne; Ramambazafy, Richard F.; Quansah, Nat
2013Medicinal Plants Used Against Typhoid Fever in Bamboutos Division, Western CameroonTsobou, Roger; Mapongmetsem, Pierre-Marie; Van Damme, Patrick
2013The Mexican Non-toxic Jatropha curcas L., Food Resource or Biofuel?Valdes-Rodriguez, Ofelia Andrea; Sanchez-Sanchez, Odilon; Perez-Vazquez, Arturo; Caplan, Joshua
2011“Modern Linnaeus”: A class exercise on plant nomenclature and taxonomy in comparison with a previous experimentSavo, V.; Bisceglie, S.; Caneva, G.; Kumbaric, A.; McClatchey, W.C.; Reedy, D.
2005A Multivariate Model of Biocultural Conservation of Medicinal, Aromatic and Cosmetic (MAC) Plants in IndonesiaSlikkerveer, L. Jan
2006Naming Consistency for Forest Plants in Some Rural Communities of Northeast ThailandWester, Lyndon; Yongvanit, Sekson
2004The Neglected Key to Successful Biodiversity Conservation and Appropriate Development: Local Traditional KnowledgeQuansah, Nat
2005Nigerian Usage of Bark in PhytomedicineFasola, Taiye R.; Egunyomi, A.