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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Genetic Diversity in Taro, and the Preservation of Culinary KnowledgeMatthews, Peter J.
2010The Geography of the Chios Mastic Trade from the 17th through to the 19th CenturyIerapetritis, Dimitrios G.
2012Ginkgo, apricot, and almond : Change of Chinese words and meanings from the kernel’s perspectiveKirschner, Roland; Hsieh, Shelley Ching-yu
2013The Global Flora: Descriptive statistics with a commentary and an ethnobotanical exampleMoerman, Daniel
2009Going Bananas in Papua New Guinea: A preliminary study of starch granule morphotypes in Musaceae fruitLentfer, Carol J.
2013Green PathVeteto, James R.
2007Hard Wood Utilization in Buildings of Rural Households of the Manqakulane Community, Maputaland, South AfricaGaugris, J.Y.; van Rooyen, M.W.; Bothma, J. du P.; Van der Linde, M.J.
2008Healing Traditions of Southern India and the Conservation of Culture and Biodiversity: A preliminary studyPesek, Todd J.; Helton, Lonnie R.; Reminick, Ronald; Kannan, D.; Nair, Murali
2011Herbal Bouquets Blessed on Assumption Day in South-Eastern Poland: Freelisting versus photographic inventoryŁuczaj, Łukasz
2011Herbal Formulations from Cold Desert Plants Used For Gynecological DisordersBallabh, Basant; Chaurasia, O.P.
2013Herbal-based Traditional Medicinal Knowledge of Local Inhabitants in Rudraprayag District of Uttarakhand, IndiaChandra, Kailash; Nautiyal, Bhagwati Prasad; Nautiyal, Mohan Chandra
2008Household Energy Demand and its Challenges for Forest Management in the Kakamega Area, Western KenyaKiefer, S.; Bussmann, R.W.
2004How 'Awa Travels the WorldWeaver, Kia
2012Identification and use of plant material for the manufacture of New Zealand indigenous woven objectsMcCallum, Rua Elizabeth; Carr, Debra Julie
2013Impact of Wine Tapping on the Population Structure and Regeneration of Hyphaene petersiana Klotzsch ex Mart. in Northern BotswanaBabitseng, Thamani Meshack; Teketay, Demel
2012Important woody plant species, their management and conservation status in Balawoli Sub-county, UgandaTabuti, John R.S.
2009Impressions of Banana Pseudostem in Iron Slag from Eastern AfricaIles, Louise
2006Improving the Quality of International Ethnobotany Research and PublicationsMcClatchey, Will
2010In-vitro antibacterial activity and cytotoxicity of selected medicinal plant extracts from Penang Island Malaysia on metronidazole-resistant-Helicobacter pylori and some pathogenic bacteria.Uyub, Abdul M.; Nwachukwu, Ikenna N.; Azlan, Ahmad A.; Fariza, Shaida S.
2009Indigenous Use and Ethnopharmacology of Medicinal Plants in Far-west NepalKunwar, Ripu M.; Uprety, Y.; Burlakoti, C.; Chowdhary, C.L.; Bussmann, R.W.