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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Artificae Plantae: The Taxonomy, Ecology, and Ethnobotany of the SimulacraceaeBletter, Nat; Reynertson, Kurt A.; Runk, Julie Velasquez
2010Arundo donax L. (Giant reed) Use by Turkish CypriotsGücel, Salih
2005Asa-Tanana Sy Tao-ZavatraRandrianaivo, Richard
2011Assessing the contribution of local and traded biodiversity in community health care : A case study from Keelakodankulam village, South IndiaMary, D Ahino; Franco, F Merlin; Babu, Vivek
1962Atoll Research Bulletin, No. 90, Plants of Christmas IslandChock, Al Kealiʻi; Hamilton, Dean C. Jr.
2003Back To The Future: Using Traditional Knowledge to Strengthen Biodiversity Conservation in Pohnpei, Federated States of MicronesiaRaynor, Bill; Kostka, Mark
2006Bamboo Paper Production and Religious Use by the Lanten Yao in Northern Lao PDRDelang, Claudio O.
2011Bamboo trade and future prospects in the Central Himalaya : A case study of the traditional artisans of Uttarakhand, IndiaSundriyal, Manju; Sundriyal R.C.
2009Banana (Musa spp.) Domestication in the Asia- Pacific Region: Linguistic and archaeobotanical perspectivesDonohue, Mark; Denham, Tim
2009Banana Cultivation in South Asia and East Asia: A review of the evidence from archaeology and linguisticsFuller, Dorian Q.; Madella, Marco
2009Bananas and People in the Homeland of Genus Musa: Not just pretty fruitKennedy, Jean
2009Bananas and Plantains in Africa: Re-interpreting the linguistic evidenceBlench, Roger
2004Bananas in New Caledonian Kanak Society: Their Socio-Cultural Value in Relation with their OriginsKagy, Valerie; Carreel, Francoise
2009Becoming a Traditional Medicinal Plant Healer: Divergent Views of Practicing and Young Healers on Traditional Medicinal Plant Knowledge Skills in IndiaShukla, Shailesh; Sinclair, A John
2005Beyond Plants, Professionals & Parchments: The role of Home-based Medicinal Plant Use and Traditional Health Knowledge in Primary Health Care in EthiopiaFassil, Hareya
2011Beyond the Bounty: Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) for food security and novel foods in the 21st CenturyJones, A.M.P.; Ragone, D.; Tavana, N.G.; Bernotas, D.W.; Murch, S.J.
2006Biocultural Diversity of the Endemic ‘Wild Jack Tree’ on the Malabar Coast of South IndiaMathew, Sam P.; Mohandas, A.; Shareef, S.M.; Nair, G.M.
2007Blending Traditional and Western Medicine: Medicinal Plant Use Among Patients at Clinica Anticona in El Porvenir, PeruBussmann, R.W.; Sharon, D.; Lopez, A.
2008Botanical Knowledge of a Group of College Students in South Carolina, U.S.A.Wagner, Gail E.
2008Botanical Knowledge of a Group of South Carolina Elementary School StudentsCooper, Chanda L.