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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Etnoecología de las especies vegetales de los bosques estacionalmente secos del Estado MéridaAranguren, Anairamiz; Márquez, Nelson Jhonny
2006Evaluating Two Quantitative Ethnobotanical TechniquesAlbuquerque, Ulysses P.; Lucena, Reinaldo F.P.; Monteiro, Júlio M.; Florentino, Alissandra T.N.; Almeida, Cecília de Fátima C.B.R.
2006Evolving Concepts Related to Achieving Benefit Sharing for Custodians of Traditional KnowledgeElvin-Lewis, Memory
2010Ex-situ Management Study of Some High Value Medicinal Plant Species in Swat, PakistanSher, Hassan; Hussain, Farrukh; Sher, Hazrat
2005Exorcizing Misleading Terms from EthnobotanyMcClatchey, Will C.
2006Expecting the Unexpected: Safety Considerations for Ethnobotany Field ResearchBridges, K.W.; McClatchey, Will
2005Fahasalaman’Ny Zaza Sy Ny Fampiasana Zavamaniry Mahasitrana Ao Amin’Ny Tananan’Ny Sahamamy, Mahevelona, ToamasinaRazafindrabeaza, Thierry; Rabeson, Pascal; Coco; Sabotsilahy, Bruno; Torine, Zaza; Jean Claude; Bany; Jaqueline; Angeline; Clément; Jeannette; Donah; Justin
2005Ny Fampiasan’ny Mponina Ny Zavamaniry Azo Atao SakafoVelosoa, Juliette
2008Farmers’ Adoption of Rotational Woodlot Technology in Kigorobya Sub-County of Hoima District, Western UgandaBuyinza, M.; Banana, A.Y.; Nabanoga, G.; Ntakimanye, A.
2005Finding the Connections between Paleoecology, Ethnobotany, and Conservation in MadagascarBurney, David A.
2004Floating, Boating and Introgression: Molecular Techniques and the Ancestry of Coconut Palm Populations on Pacific IslandsHarries, Hugh; Baudouin, Luc; Cardeña, Rolando
2014Floristic Features, Distribution, and Ethnobotany of Plants Gathered and Used by Local People from the Mediterranean Forest in Northern JordanNawash, Oraib; Al-Assaf, Amani; El-oqlah, Ahmad; Omari, Mohammad
2011Folk Classification of Shea Butter Tree (Vitellaria paradoxa subsp. nilotica) Ethno-varieties in UgandaGwali, Samson; Okullo, John Bosco Lamoris; Eilu, Gerald; Nakabonge, Grace; Nyeko, Philip; Vuzi, Peter
2005Ny Fomba Fampiasan’nyankizy Ny ZavamaniryRanjevasoa, Bako Nirina
2008From Garden to Market? The cultivation of native and introduced medicinal plant species in Cajamarca, Peru and implications for habitat conservationBussmann, Rainer W.; Sharon, Douglas; Ly, Jennifer
2008From Sierra to Coast: Tracing the supply of medicinal plants in Northern Peru – A plant collector’s taleRevene, Zachary; Bussmann, Rainer W.; Sharon, Douglas
2012Garden plants in Zimbabwe : Their ethnomedicinal uses and reported toxicityMaroyi, Alfred
2004Genetic Diversity in Taro, and the Preservation of Culinary KnowledgeMatthews, Peter J.
2010The Geography of the Chios Mastic Trade from the 17th through to the 19th CenturyIerapetritis, Dimitrios G.
2012Ginkgo, apricot, and almond : Change of Chinese words and meanings from the kernel’s perspectiveKirschner, Roland; Hsieh, Shelley Ching-yu