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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Abundance, Distribution, Utilisation and Conservation of Sinarundinaria alpina in Bwindi and Mgahinga Forest National Parks, South West UgandaBitariho, Robert; Mosango, Mbokuyo
2012Adoption of agroforestry systems by farmers in Masaka district of UgandaSebukyu, Vincent B.; Mosango, Mbokuyo
2008Aguaruna Knowledge of Bird Foraging Ecology: A comparison with scientific dataJernigan, Kevin; Dauphine, Nico
2008All Plants are “Exotic Invasives”Moerman, Daniel E.
2003Ancestral Genetic Resources Provide an Alternative to GMO CropsEubanks, Mary W.
2011Ancient Kaua`i Mapping Project : Using GIS to locate and map ancient Hawaiian agricultural landscapes on Kaua`iBurton, Erik
2008An Anthropological Approach to Therapeutic Strategies for Ethnopharmacology: The case of southwestern MadagascarLefevre, Gabriel
2005Antioxidant Potential of Seven Myrtaceous FruitsReynertson, Kurt A.; Basile, Margaret J.; Kennelly, Edward J.
2007The Application of Ethnobotanical Research to Working Forests in the TropicsLuzar, Jeffrey B.; Stepp, John R.
2003Application of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Practices of Indigenous Hawaiians to the Revegetation of Kaho'olaweGon, Samuel M. III
2007Applying Asset Mapping to Protected Area Planning and Management in the Cordillera Azul National Park, Perudel Campo, Hilary; Wali, Alaka
2009Are Our Students Taxonomically Challenged or Not?Lau, Y. Han; McClatchey, Will C.; Reedy, David; Chock, Al Kealii; Bridges, K.W.; Ritchey, Zak
2007Artificae Plantae: The Taxonomy, Ecology, and Ethnobotany of the SimulacraceaeBletter, Nat; Reynertson, Kurt A.; Runk, Julie Velasquez
2010Arundo donax L. (Giant reed) Use by Turkish CypriotsGücel, Salih
2005Asa-Tanana Sy Tao-ZavatraRandrianaivo, Richard
2011Assessing the contribution of local and traded biodiversity in community health care : A case study from Keelakodankulam village, South IndiaMary, D Ahino; Franco, F Merlin; Babu, Vivek
1962Atoll Research Bulletin, No. 90, Plants of Christmas IslandChock, Al Kealiʻi; Hamilton, Dean C. Jr.
2003Back To The Future: Using Traditional Knowledge to Strengthen Biodiversity Conservation in Pohnpei, Federated States of MicronesiaRaynor, Bill; Kostka, Mark
2006Bamboo Paper Production and Religious Use by the Lanten Yao in Northern Lao PDRDelang, Claudio O.
2011Bamboo trade and future prospects in the Central Himalaya : A case study of the traditional artisans of Uttarakhand, IndiaSundriyal, Manju; Sundriyal R.C.