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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005BotCam : design, testing and development of a fully automated stereo-video bottom camera bait station for ecosystem monitoring of bottom fish speciesMerritt, Daniel W.
2008Characterization of tsunami-like bores in support of loading on structuresMohamed, Abdulla
Dec-2014Characterization of underwater acoustic sources recorded in reverberant environments with application to scuba signaturesGemba, Kay Leonard
2007Effect of wind resolution on spectral wave modeling in the Hawaii regionStopa, Justin Edward
2005Evaluation of a coastal ocean model for Oahu, HawaiʻiWycklendt, Andrew J.
Aug-2004Forecast Of Tsunamis From The Japan-Kuril-Kamchatka Source RegionYamazaki, Yoshiki
Aug-2005Hindcast Modeling Of Storm Surge And Waves In The Gulf Coast RegionH.Crabtree, Robert
Aug-2005Implementation And Validation Of A Virtual Buoy Network For The Island Of Oahu Utilizing Nested Third Generation Wind Wave ModelsHansen, Demont
2006Investigation of the use of Alphaflex/high density polyethylene composites as suitable materials for large diameter deep ocean cold water pipesLooney, Christopher Michael
2007Oscillation modes of Hawaiʻi waters from the 2006 Kuril Islands tsunamiMunger, Sophie
2008Probabilistic approach for tsunami inundation mappingCraw, Megan L.
Aug-2005Survey And Statistical Parameterization Of Bed Roughness Of A Coral ReefNunes, Vasco B.
Dec-2014Tsunami and storm wave impacts on coastal bridgesSeiffert, Betsy Rose
2006Tsunami forecast using an adaptive inverse algorithm for the Chile-Peru source regionSánchez, Alejandro, 1981
May-2014Tsunami hazard assessment of American SamoaTempleton, William John
2007Validation of wave transformation models for tropical coastal environmentsGoo, Justin Avery