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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2003The Amis Harvest Festival in contemporary TaiwanKim, Linda Chiang Ling-chuan
May-2003Japanese hip hop in Kyoto, 2000-2002: localizing a global pop culture idiomArmstrong, Andrew Barton
2004An untold story : the accordion in twentieth-century ChinaKwan, Yin Yee
2005"A marginalized music?" : underground rock music culture in Seoul since the mid-1990sMoon, Shinwon
2005Pese ma vīʻiga i le Atua : the sacred music of the Congregational Church of Jesus in Sāmoa : ʻO le ʻEkālēsia Faʻapotopotoga a Iēsū i SāmoaTuiasosopo, Kuki M.
2007I'll remember you : nostalgia and hapa haole music in early twenty-first century HawaiʻiShishikura, Masaya
2007Iemoto system : a psycho-cultural phenomenon in practice and its effect on musical transmission in JapanOlafsson, Kevin Garfield
2007Innovation and reform of the hammered dulcimer Yangqin in contemporary ChinaTse, Pui-Sze Priscilla
2008Bodies in motion : gender, identity, and the politics of representation in the American taiko movementCarle, Sarah Anne
2008Shift of music and its influence on social paradigm : reevaluation of music on Kudaka Island in OkinawaSenzaki, Sawa
Aug-2008Virtuosic ʻukulele: re/creating ethno-musical identities in HawaiʻiPang, Chadwick S.
May-2011Classical ain't dead : the aesthetics of classical music sampling in hip hopDaly, Caitlin Rhys Gertrude
May-2011Funky town Osaka : Kansai regional identity construction in Japanese popular musicMarsden, Nancy J. E.
May-2011Claiming the colonial and domesticating the foreign : a Native Hawaiian aesthetic for the piano in hula ku'i musicSala, Aaron Joseph
Aug-2011Branding music, branding nation : the use of traditional music in promoting the national identity of the Republic of KoreaChoi, Ri
Aug-2011Sign, affect, and style : listening to Song Kum-Yon's kayagum sanjoNass, Nathan
Dec-2011Re-positioning performance : curating Tahitian performance as applied ethnomusicology in HawaiʻiBartlett, Scott Griffin
Dec-2011Seville 1992--the awakening of a city : the universal exposition in Seville (1992) and the creation of the Royal Symphony Orchestra of SevilleSivova, Anna Emilova
May-2012Hybridity, indigeneity, and gendering : Chang Hui-Mei, popular music, and Taiwanese identityKuan, Yuan Yu
May-2012Merry Christmas Huay Nam Khao : domesticating foreign Christmas music in a Sgaw Karen village in northern ThailandFairfield, Benjamin Stuart