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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2013Altering muscle hypertrophy and atrophy by suppressing the functions of growth differentiation factors 8 (myostatin) and 11Hussein, Ahmed Mohamed Abd All
Dec-2012Alternative processing techniques for pasteurization of liquid foods : microwave, ohmic heating and ultraviolet lightAbdullah, Seerwan
Aug-2012Anti-carcinogenic effects of Morinda citrifolia (noni) : identifying signal transduction pathways using ER positive and ER negative human breast cancer cell linesHwang, Phoebe Woei-Ni
Aug-2004Assessment Of Sound-Scattering Layer At The Interface Of North Pacific Equatorial Water And Eastern North Pacific Central Water MassTanay, Dennis D.
May-2012Attenuation of hepatic ER stress by bitter melon in high-fat diet-fed miceIvey, Malina Jan
Dec-2004The Barrious Oil Wrapping System (BOWS), A Dietary Supplement To Aid In The Treatment Of ObesityKong, Natalie
Aug-2014Bioengineering alpha conotoxin ViI : from disulfide bonds to native chemical ligationCabalteja, Chino Cabasa
2006Biofilters for urban runoff pollutantsToma, Marisa P.T.
Dec-2012Bioproductivity and biodiversity in shallow freshwater lakesLee, Tsu-Chuan
2008Cardiac and pulmonary response of mice to pollutionNag, Ria
May-2005Cell-Cycle Engineering And Gfp-Online Monitoring Of Heterologous Protein Production In High Density Plant Suspension CulturesLiu, Bo
May-2013Cellular and molecular interactions of banana bunchy top virus (BBTV) with the aphid vector pentalonia nigronervosaWatanabe, Shizu
Aug-2012Characterization of novel conotoxins derived from the milked-venom of Conus magusKapono, Clifford Allen
2003Characterization of senescence regulated gene expression in anthuriumHayden, Daniel Maida
Dec-2002Characterization of Three Genes Located in a 4.0-KB Fragment Within the MID Gene Cluster of Rhizobium SP Strain TAL1145Anamizu, Joy N.P.
May-2012Chitinase as a molecular bioindicator of resistance to Fusarium oxysporum in Acacia koaRushanaedy, Isabel
Aug-2003Cloning and characterization of flower development genes in papayaYu, Qingyi
Dec-2012Conopeptide production through biosustainable snail farmingMilisen, Jeffrey William
May-2011CSPG4 as a potential target of antibody-based immunotherapy for malignant mesotheliomaRivera, Zeyana
Dec-2011Defective lentiviral vector mediated gene transfer of sTNFRS into primary mouse BMDM : a novel therapy for neuroaidsLee, June Qi Yun