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Jun-1953The oxygen requirements of Hawaiian tuna baitfishPritchard, Austin
Jun-1965Ecological Study of the Decapod Crustaceans Commensal with the Branching Coral Pocillopora Meandrina Var. Nobilis VerrillBarry, Charles Kevin
Dec-1969Species Diversity and Community Structure of the Macrozooplankton of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiiPeterson, William Thornton
Aug-1971Niche Overlap and Competition Among Five Sympatric Congeneric Species of Xanthid CrabsPreston, Eric M.
Dec-1971Levels of Residual Chlorine in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, and the Effects of Residual Chlorine on Coral PlanulaeDavis, Karen K.
May-1972An Annual Cycle of Phytoplankton Populations in Kaneohe Bay, OahuMurphy, Carol Menge
May-1972Zooplankton Grazing in Kaneohe Bay, HawaiiSzyper, James Peter
Jun-1974The Effects of Light on Primary Productivity in South Kaneohe BayLamberson, Phillip B.
Dec-1974Diel Changes in the Vertical Distributions of Some Common Fish Larvae in Southern Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiiWatson, William
May-1975Zonation of Reef Corals off the Kona Coast of HawaiiDollar, Stephen J.
May-1979The Effect of Temperature and Light on the Stable Isotopic Compostition of Reef Coral SkeletonsWeil, Sandra M.
Dec-1980Distribution, Recruitment and Development of the Borer Community in Dead Coral on Shallow Hawaiian ReefsWhite, Janet K.F.
May-1989Life History and Populationi Biology of the Colonial Ascidian Diplosoma SimilisStoner, Douglas Steven
Dec-1992The Effects of DursbanĀ® Insecticide on Pocillopora damicomis (Cnidaria: Scleractinia)Te, Franklyn Tan
Dec-2003Sequencing and characterization of the potentially pathogenic genes of green turtle herpesvirusNigro, Olivia De Santis
2006A survey of Hawaiian marine fungi and yeastMahdi, Leena Emiko